Leaked Documents Show Little Changes to NSA Tactics

Leaked Documents Show Little Changes to NSA TacticsThe CIA has recently reviewed the NSA's activities that largely relate to the concern the public now has for its privacy. The review committee was headed up by Michael Morrell, former deputy director. Leaked documents today indicate that while, indeed, reviewed, the practices of the NSA are to remain largely unchanged.

Leaked Documents Show Little Changes to NSA Tactics: What Happened?

Simply put, the review committee didn't see much point in revising all of the NSA's tactics. The review panel has made some minor adjustments, but they are not the kinds of adjustments that the American public (or the watching world, for that matter) want to see.

The fact that the NSA's tactics aren't changing much (or at all, really) simply proves the point that these programs are seen as essential by the U.S. government. The news that the committee was not going to be making any major revision recommendations was lead to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal through anonymous sources.

Why ‘leaked' news and not outright fact? Because the review documents haven't been handed over to Obama yet. That's also why the committee refuses to comment on the leaked news. Once the president has reviewed what the committee has found out, he will then decide whether or not to make any necessary changes.

Leaked Documents Show Little Changes to NSA Tactics: How This Will Impact Site Spying

Many website owners have been worried about information leakage and the NSA's gathering of details prior to the new review panel discussion or leaks. This is with just cause, since the NSA does, in fact, collect user data across the board from all kinds of companies like Microsoft and Apple and Google.

This does mean, too, that certain website owners are not safe when working with hosting companies. If the NSA knocks on the door of a hosting company and asks for information about a site owner, those details are to be given over without much say by the owner of the hosting company. So, you see, not making any changes to the way the NSA operates is not a good thing in the eyes of most citizens.

Leaked Documents Show Little Changes to NSA Tactics: Why It Won't Change

The NSA has stated from the start that the information gathering tactics used by this government organization are vital to the safety of the United States. It has been stated that without these measures, the government would not have a really great way of collecting data and figuring out if something is going awry within the borders of the country. While some people don't buy this argument, it is the main reason why you won't be seeing any real changes in the way that the NSA operates any time soon.

Will Obama make edits once he gets the review paperwork? Maybe a few, but the likelihood of the NSA being completely wiped out is zero to none. How does this impact you? The NSA will continue collecting data as it has always done without little stopping it now that a review has been formally filed.

What are your thoughts? Should the NSA be completely stopped?

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