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  • (PRNewswire Oct. 31, 2016) UK based software company, a leader in Environmental Data Management Solutions, EHS Data selects Canadian Web Hosting VMware enterprise-grade cloud services to Support Their North American Clients. It delivers maximum uptime, top security, scalability, significantly improved reliability and data sovereignty for EHS Data customers. It enables EHS Data to create a positive impact on the environment and enhances sustainability.
    EHS Data provide its versatile software ‘MonitorPro' to over 1,000 sites helping organizations to save time, improve planning, quality, analysis, awareness, and reporting to manage environmental obligations and sustainability.
  • Windows Server 2016 for Web Hosting Platform and Services
    For all new and existing clients on Cloud, Dedicated, and Clustered Servers, VPS, and Hyper-V Servers can choose from 2 different versions:
    Standard and Data Center editions
    Customers can access all their Windows and Linux applications and workloads through single platform ‘Docker Engine' compatible with Windows, Linux, and hybrid workloads.
    Key enhancements include advanced multi-layer security, easier management of their physical and virtual devices and run both existing and cloud-native applications using Windows Server Containers and Nano Servers
  • (Oct. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire) Canadian Web Hosting Upgrades Virtual Private Server Plans with lower pricing, high-performance configurations and places across Canada including Vancouver, BC, and Toronto, ON. The new Canadian VPS servers start at as low as $5.00 a month, and each server can upgrade in real time when customers' requirements change.All the plans include SSD storage that gives customers at least 2.5x more performance.
  • (VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 10, 2016/PRNewswire) Canadian Web Hosting Expands Private Cloud Services With The Public Availability Of SolusVM And on-demand Proxmox Private Cloud Hosting Plans. Plans are available in certified Canadian data centers inVancouver, BC or Toronto.
    It has significantly expanded the availability of best server virtualization management choices on both Windows and Linux images. With high availability, customers access to an entirely open source server virtualization system that utilizes KVM (Kernal-based Virtual Machines) running on lightweight container-based virtualization, Linux Containers (LXC) storage, virtualized networks.
  • New Enterprise Dedicated Server Plans (August 2016)
    Canadian Web Hosting Announces completion of performance upgrade initiative for their dedicated server plans available in theirToronto, ON andVancouver, BC datacenters. These Enterprise-ready servers start with 32GB of RAM and include flexible storage options, 100% enterprise-grade Intel SSD hard drives and upgrades to the latest generation of Intel processors.
  • Canadian Web Hosting Announces New Dedicated Server Plans available in their Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC compliant data centers with Improved Performance Customization, rapid deployment and Flexibility. Company now offers dedicated servers with newest generation Intel processors, flexible storage options, including Intel SSD drives and more RAM. (VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 28, 2016 /PRNewswire)
  • (May 02, 2016) Canadian Web Hosting Joins Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) and launched CloudStream Canadian network backbone. This will lead to maximize performance and network scalability, offering up to full gigabit ethernet connections for every server and device.
    Canadian Web Hosting has removed any potential of data moving onto the public internet, which in turn increases security, giving customers the reassurance that their network usage remains 100% Canadian. The network is designed to handle and move massive amounts of data for current and future services like cloud hosting, IoT, video, enterprise apps and virtual reality (VR) apps.
    VANIX is a not-for-profit, network neutral and independent Internet Exchange that interconnects 43 IP networks, including networks of Internet Service Providers, Content Delivery Service Providers (CDSPs), webhosters and various networks.
    The powerful VANIX platform provides a professional, high-quality peering service, that interconnects multiple IP networks including networks of ISPs, Content Delivery, and multiple leading networks like Canadian Web Hosting's Canadian CloudStream Backbone Network and exchange Internet traffic freely between their networks through mutual peering agreements.

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