ICTS Supply Chain Executive Order

March 17, 2021, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo Statement on Actions Taken Under ICTS Supply Chain Executive Order WASHINGTON – Today, the Department of Commerce served subpoenas on multiple Chinese companies that provide information and communications technology and services (ICTS) in the United States. The subpoenas were issued to support requirements for the review of… Read More

HostGator New CodeGuard Cloud Backup Feature: Worth A Look!

Yesterday, HostGator sent out a newsletter announcing the implementation of a service called ‘Code Guard.’ Essentially, Code Guard is HostGator new cloud backup service, and it’s a really great idea. Here’s a closer look at ‘Code Guard.’ HostGator: Inside Code Guard HostGator’s graphic and great video describes ‘Code Guard’ as a “time machine for your… Read More

Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Hacked, Visitors At Risk

Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Hacked Hacking of your cheap hosting website is a real threat, no matter who you are. That’s right, even the Dalai Lama has fallen victim. An expert is betting the viruses that are infecting all visitors were put there to keep watch on those human rights activists that frequent the website.… Read More

Tor User? Here’s What you Need to Know

Tor Insight We brought you the story of the hidden websites hosting abusive child pornography disappearing from Tor earlier this week, and the problems with Tor’s email hosting. It’s odd, as Tor was designed to allow users to fly under the radar, keeping their identities a secret and allowing them to post questionable content without… Read More

Hackers Sending Illegal Images to Harmless Sites

Hackers Sending Illegal Images to Harmless Sites Filters or not, hackers will find a way. Nothing demonstrates that better than a recent story out of the UK, on the heels of the mandatory ISP filters for pornography their government is talking about imposing. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), supportive of the filters, recently pointed out… Read More

Mozilla Working Toward Tighter Web Security

Mozilla Working Toward Tighter Web Security Mozilla wants to make the Internet a place where users can feel a lot safer. Browser security has been a bit of an issue, and there have been accusations of NSA backdoors. Mozilla wants to remind users that they are against this government practice, and figure the best way… Read More

Watch Out, European Cyber Threats: ECSG Soon To Be On The Job

European Cyber Threats Are you the customer of a European cheap internet website hosting provider? If you are, you’ll be pleased to know you can soon rest a little easier when it comes to the safety of your data. An assortment of security firms in Europe have gotten together to create the European Cyber Security… Read More

My Site Was Hacked. Now What Do I Do?

My Site Was Hacked Site hacks are almost par for the Internet course. Sites like Amazon and NBC have been hacked. So, you are definitely not alone. And, contrary to popular belief, cheap web hosting services have nothing to do with hacks. Take these certain steps to ensure that your site is not hacked again,… Read More

Hosting Review – HostingArmor

Customer Reviews of HostingArmor How it works – 1. Add your domain.  HostingArmor’s Vulnerability database is continuously updated with the latest security vulnerability profiles. 2. HostingArmor Scans Your Site. HostingArmor scans your server’s configuration and files, searching for known vulnerabilities in our database of 40,000 security exploits. 3. Receive Your Scan Reports. Your daily report… Read More