Leaked Documents Show Little Changes to NSA Tactics

Leaked Documents Show Little Changes to NSA Tactics The CIA has recently reviewed the NSA’s activities that largely relate to the concern the public now has for its privacy. The review committee was headed up by Michael Morrell, former deputy director. Leaked documents today indicate that while, indeed, reviewed, the practices of the NSA are… Read More

Apple Releases NSA Request Details

Apple Releases NSA Request Details Apple has released the company’s first transparency report yesterday. This report details what the NSA asked from the company over the past few years – kind of. You see, the NSA won’t let Apple (or any other company, for that matter) disclose specific details. What Apple can tell you is… Read More

The NSA: We Need What We Love to Hate

I know it’s hard not to hate the NSA. But, what if the NSA is needed? I realize it’s tough to believe, though it is true. The United States needs a National Security Agency in order to ensure that citizens are safe – and that the country is shielded from outside infiltration. So, the question… Read More

Anti-NSA Film Gains Attention in NYC

Anti-NSA Film Gains Attention in NYC It might sound like the title of an old Beastie Boys song, but Fight For the Future is actually an organization that’s completely against the NSA. It’s more than that too. Fight for the Future attempts to inform Americans about NSA-type happenings, and the organization puts it all into… Read More

Ten Ways You Can Be Tracked

You Can Be Tracked Can I have a show of hands? Who’s feeling a bit paranoid ever since the NSA news spread? Are you feeling better now that this news has quieted down a bit? We haven’t heard much about the NSA in a few weeks, but that definitely doesn’t mean that the government has… Read More

BitTorrent’s NSA-Proof Messaging System

BitTorrent’s NSA-Proof Messaging System Where there is demand, there is opportunity. The privacy issue brought to light by NSA activities has created a demand for more products and apps that are secure and impenetrable to prying eyes. Yesterday, I brought you a post about John McAfee’s latest invention (here). Today, the peer-to-peer sharing service, BitTorrent,… Read More

John McAfee Has A NSA Solution

John McAfee Has A NSA Solution Eccentric millionaire John McAfee has a solution to NSA spying. McAfee has devised a device that creates small networks that are virtually impenetrable by the NSA. These networks will span approximately three blocks, and the only people that can sign into the networks are those that are part of… Read More