Dreamhost 2016 Web Hosting News Archive

(EINPresswire.com, LOS ANGELES, CA, Dec 8, 2016) DreamHost Gives DreamObjects, its Inexpensive, scalable Object Storage Service powered by the latest version of Ceph Jewel. The capacity of DreamObjects clusters has boosted by 7%, needed for its data center expansion to meet storage demand. It offers customers with increased cluster capacity and support for new features.… Read More

Rackspace 2016 Web Hosting News Archive

News 2016 (Marketwired – October 24, 2016) Rackspace Enhances Private Cloud with Red Hat CloudForms, an enterprise management platform. Enterprise customers can now deliver private cloud solution to their users across multiple cloud platforms. Both Rackspace and Red Hat are leading OpenStack vendors and are committed to empowering customers by enhancing capabilities in the core… Read More

Godaddy 2016 Web Hosting News Archive

Godaddy 2016 (Dec 9, 2016) GoDaddy Sitelock Partnership Yields Two New Comprehensive Security Features for Small Business Sites – TrueShield WAF and TrueSpeed CDN. Small business owners can now protect their website against malicious website traffic by adding a layer of protection. Website content and customer information protected from common attacks which include cross-site scripting… Read More

CanadianWebHosting 2016 News Archive

2016 News: (PRNewswire Oct. 31, 2016) UK based software company, a leader in Environmental Data Management Solutions, EHS Data selects Canadian Web Hosting VMware enterprise-grade cloud services to Support Their North American Clients. It delivers maximum uptime, top security, scalability, significantly improved reliability and data sovereignty for EHS Data customers. It enables EHS Data to create… Read More

The Pirate Bay’s New Hosting Plan

The Pirate Bay is the piracy site that many groups of anti-piracy protestors love to hate. But, the website’s owners plan to make the site a lot harder to take down in the near future. The minds behind the Pirate Bay plan to turn user PCs into web hosts while also setting up a fake… Read More

Leaked Documents Show Little Changes to NSA Tactics

Leaked Documents Show Little Changes to NSA Tactics The CIA has recently reviewed the NSA’s activities that largely relate to the concern the public now has for its privacy. The review committee was headed up by Michael Morrell, former deputy director. Leaked documents today indicate that while, indeed, reviewed, the practices of the NSA are… Read More

Could an iPhone Have Prevented the Healthcare.gov Mess?

When President Obama entered the White House in 2009, he refused to give up his smartphone. The phone was a BlackBerry device, and it was something that he wasn’t about to live without. Today, a youth group that Obama was speaking to asked the President why he didn’t have an iPhone. His response? Obama can’t… Read More

Lessons to be Learned from Healthcare .gov

Lessons to be Learned from Healthcare .gov Are we really going to revisit the Healthcare . gov fiasco? We are. Why? Because there are fundamental lessons to be learned from this mess, and lessons to be learned from all possible angles. Lessons to be Learned from Healthcare .gov: Assuming Is Never A Good Thing The… Read More

The U.S. Government Changes Web Hosts

Government Changes Web Hosts Did you ever wonder what company was behind the U.S. Government’s health care website disaster? What company does the government use to host this healthcare site? Well, that information has been leaked. Today, the U.S. Government signed a deal with Hewlett-Packard to replace Verizon. That’s right, the current company the government… Read More

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals Guess what day it is? That’s right, it’s Black Friday! That means that you’re probably gearing up to spend some cash on certain items, and that you’re looking for some serious deals. Well, the cheap web hosting world wants in on Black Friday too. In fact, there are lots of… Read More

U.S. Government Implements Employee Tracking Program

Employee Tracking Program Governments want to avoid Snowden incidents for obvious reasons. But how do you crackdown on something that was supposed to already be locked down? If you’re running the U.S. Army, you take drastic measures, that’s how. The U.S. Army is creating a new internal network called ‘Army Network 2020′ that makes it… Read More

GoDaddy Loses Cybersquatting Lawsuit

Cybersquatting Lawsuit GoDaddy just lost a major lawsuit handed down by the Film Academy. The Academy filed the lawsuit this past May claiming that GoDaddy allowed customers to purchase and park pages – a form of cybersquatting. In this particular case, GoDaddy clients purchased names like OscarAtTheMovies.com and various other sites. For obvious reasons, the… Read More

Massive Fire Destroys Part of Internet Archives

Fire Destroys Part of Internet Archives The Internet Archive was started in 1996 in order to store all kinds of digital information. Information such as software, movies, sites, and more is kept at the archive’s headquarters in San Francisco. Last night, a massive fire has completely obliterated $600,000 worth of digital equipment. Thankfully, most of… Read More

Google Goes Offshore: Should You?

Google Goes Offshore Something mysterious happened this weekend. Barges with giant buildings were seen off the coast of Maine and California. Local reporters have been hard at work trying to figure out what’s on those barges, and the answer may surprise you. Speculation is that Google is building massive offshore data centers off the coasts… Read More

Canada Gets First Bitcoin ATMs

Canada Gets First Bitcoin ATMs We haven’t heard much about Bitcoins since the shuttering of the Silk Road by the NSA. Today, there’s news coming from Canada about the alternate currency. Vancouver is getting the world’s first Bitcoin ATM. The machine will be set up outside of a Vancouver coffee house, and it will exchange… Read More

Is More Tech Support the Answer to the Obamacare Site Problem?

Obamacare Site Problem What do you do when you have a nation-wide website and hosting disaster? The Obama administration seems to think that the answer is in hiring more people. In order to deal with the current Obamacare website disaster, President Obama has told press today that a “tech surge” is needed to fix the… Read More

Anti-NSA Film Gains Attention in NYC

Anti-NSA Film Gains Attention in NYC It might sound like the title of an old Beastie Boys song, but Fight For the Future is actually an organization that’s completely against the NSA. It’s more than that too. Fight for the Future attempts to inform Americans about NSA-type happenings, and the organization puts it all into… Read More

Obama Pledges to Fix ObamaCare Hosting Issue

ObamaCare Hosting Issue If you live in the United States, it should come as no surprise that the current ObamaCare website is less than satisfactory. With a massive influx of users, the site’s host simply couldn’t keep up. While this isn’t an uncommon  problem for sites that aren’t prepared for a flood of users, it’s… Read More

BlackMarket Reloaded: The Silk Road’s Main Competitor Goes Down

BlackMarket Reloaded Who remember the take down of the ‘Silk Road’ just a few weeks ago? Did you know that this drug site had a competitor? That competitor was called ‘BlackMarket Reloaded,’ and now this market has gone offline too. This time, though, the Feds weren’t the cause of the site closure. What happened? Someone… Read More

Was Edward Snowden Loosely Monitored?

Edward Snowden The world rallies behind Edward Snowden’s attempted take down of the NSA. This is mostly because the public at large does not like to be spied on. That’s understandable, right? Well, what if Edward Snowden had a suspicious past – one that was overlooked by the government? Would this make you feel a… Read More