DdoS Attacks: How Real Are They?

This past weekend, the Meetup site went down. It went up. It went down again. A site that’s down isn’t rare. It happens to a lot of websites (just think of the last site you went to that was down temporarily). But Meetup didn’t go down due to a bad host. Meetup went down because… Read More

Cloud Hosting Terms to Know

Cloud Hosting Terms to Know Moving to the cloud means learning a whole new set of words. To help you sort and sift through the buzzwords and useful terms, we’ve compiled this list – take a look before you sign up for any cloud service! Cloud App : a cloud app is a software application… Read More

What to Know Before Moving to the Cloud

The Cloud Hosting What You Need to Know Moving to the cloud comes with lots of benefits, but the cloud isn’t infallible. All too often, companies making the cloud move also make some serious mistakes. These mistakes often cost companies money, time, and (the worst) lost data. Here’s what you need to do before, during,… Read More

Is Hosting in Canada Safer?

Hosting in Canada Is It Safe After the whole NSA scandal in the United States, Canadian hosting companies have been attempting to lure site owners and big companies across the border. The claim is that hosting in Canada is safer due to a lack of government spying NSA-style. But, just how true is this assumption?… Read More

Best Hosting Companies In India

If you live in any part of India, you may be searching for the best hosting company in India. Typically, finding a hosting company in your part of the world is the best way to ensure top site speeds. But, there are a few problems with most Indian hosting companies that should not be ignored,… Read More

6 Web Hosting Terms of Service to Know

Web Hosting Terms of Service We’ve explained the importance of reading through Terms of Service (TOS) before on this site. But, there are some terms that are difficult to understand at the start. So, we thought we’d bring you eight of the most important hosting terms to know. This way, you can find these terms… Read More

Does Local Hosting Really Matter?

Local Hosting Overview You’ve probably heard that the location of your hosting company really makes a difference. But, how true is this statement? Does the location of a hosting company really matter that much? As it turns out, it’s all a matter of how you look at it. Lower Latency – Local Hosting A measurement of… Read More

10 Important Small Business Hosting Tips

Small Business Hosting Tips It’s impossible to build an online business without a great website. Before you consider getting a client, hiring anyone, or spending money on anything else, you must have a website that looks trustworthy. Otherwise, the people that do find your site will bounce off of that page just as quickly as… Read More

Guide to Choosing The Best Hosting Package for a Startup

Building Small Business Web Hosting From the Ground Up What’s the first thing you think about when building your business on-line? Most companies focus on site design first, content second, and web hosting package / options last. In fact, many business owners never really think about web hosting at all until something has happened, a… Read More

Hosting Company TOS: What to Know

Hosting Company TOS If you subscribe to a web hosting package through any web hosting company (it doesn’t matter what kind of package or what company), you might be wondering what your rights as a consumer are – especially if you have run into some problems with your hosting company. Truth be told, figuring out… Read More

Dream Host Gives Back: Here’s How

Every once in a while, a hosting company gains attention for all the right reasons. Dream Host is one such company. In addition to providing great packages and rates, Dream Host also does its part to help the world through charity work. Here’s why DreamHost is on our radar today. Dream Host: Charitable Donations A… Read More

Screenshots: Can You Use Them?

Screenshots Utilization If you run a blog or write for a blog, you’re probably looking for ways to make that blog better every day. Part of making any blog post stand out is creating images that capture attention (and, hopefully, hold it!). You can grab images from a creative commons site like Flickr, find press… Read More

How to Configure Your GMail Inbox

If you work with a lot of people on a regular basis, your inbox probably looks like a lot of jumbled up words, text, snippets, and other bits and pieces of confusing information. When does all the madness stop? Well, if you’re using GMail, you’re in luck. Google has set up GMail to be highly… Read More

Learning from the Original Web Hosting Company

Original Web Hosting Sometimes looking back can be beneficial. It is from our past that we learn not to make similar mistakes in the future. We can also see what worked in the past, and apply those tactics to future ideas. Every industry began somewhere, and this is as true with hosting as it is… Read More

Self-Hosted Shopping Cart or Etsy? Which One Works Best?

Self-Hosted Shopping Cart or Etsy Online shopping destinations have a lot more options today than they did just a few years ago. Numerous websites let you host your online shop for a low monthly or per-listing payment, but Etsy is one of the most popular options out there. How does Etsy stack up to hosting… Read More

Coming Up With a Hosting Company Idea

Hosting Company Idea Coming up with an idea for a hosting company is a challenge. The space is already dominated by major companies like GoDaddy and Amazon. Who can compete with Amazon, right? Well, maybe you can. It all depends on how you look at it, and looking at various angles doesn’t happen enough. So,… Read More

Why You Want Google Authorship

Google Authorship At heart, Google tries its best to find really great content on the Internet for you to read. This isn’t always so easy, though. Thanks to marketers and SEO hacks, really bad content can be designed to look like excellent content. The more Google tries to make sure content is authentic, the more… Read More

How Not to Run a Hosting Company

Hosting Company Nobody is naive enough to trust someone they’ve never met, right? Amazingly, that’s not entirely true. Great relationships can be built online and through forums. Such great relationships that hosting company can pop up overnight, and hundreds of website owners will run to sign up with those companies. How does this happen? Hosting… Read More

The Pirate Bay’s New Hosting Plan

The Pirate Bay is the piracy site that many groups of anti-piracy protestors love to hate. But, the website’s owners plan to make the site a lot harder to take down in the near future. The minds behind the Pirate Bay plan to turn user PCs into web hosts while also setting up a fake… Read More

Top Ways to Make Affiliate Marketing Rock

In the world of building your website, driving traffic to your blog, and, you know, making sure that people actually read your stuff, you may come across the concept of affiliate marketing. What is it, exactly? More importantly, do you need to offer some kind of affiliate setup? Let’s explore the dos and don’ts of… Read More