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  • (EINPresswire.com, LOS ANGELES, CA, Dec 8, 2016) DreamHost Gives DreamObjects, its Inexpensive, scalable Object Storage Service powered by the latest version of Ceph Jewel. The capacity of DreamObjects clusters has boosted by 7%, needed for its data center expansion to meet storage demand.
    It offers customers with increased cluster capacity and support for new features. For new customers 30 days trial period is available.
    DreamObjects Powered by Ceph
    Customers use DreamObjects to build cloud-ready applications and to store documents, photos, songs and backup taking advantage of its Amazon S3 API compatibility. Now, an AWS4 authentication protocol is supported, providing additional security and compatibility when interfacing with Amazon S3.
    The latest version enables to be even more scalable, reliable, and high performing. It serves as a building block for the DreamObjects multi-site feature, which has been almost entirely re-architected and rewritten to now support any number of clusters or sites, as well as bi-directional failover and active/active configurations.
  • (Nov 01, 2016) DreamHost and SparkCentral Partner to Create Social Customer Service Channel. SparkCentral would be able to deliver fast, reliable customer service via their social media accounts Facebook and Twitter. And would allow it to collect user information privately and securely without forcing their customers to “channel-hop” to quickly connect with a client service representative.
  • (Marketwired – Oct 19, 2016) DreamHost Adds Multiple Domain Support to DreamPress Accounts at a lower cost.
    DreamPress is the Managed WordPress Hosting service provided by the company. All the technical aspects managed by the business which includes site speed, security, WordPress updates, scalability, and uptime. The customer can thus focus on generating content and building its brand.
    Initial Instance cost $16.95 per month ($16.95 x 12 = $203.4 annually) or $19.95/month.
  • (Marketwired – Sep 29, 2016) Announces the email improvements for users of its managed hosting services. It has partnered with ‘atmail' to provide world-class ad-free webmail experience. DreamHost has also engaged with Vade Secure to seamlessly deploy their advanced mail filtering and classification system for all email users.
    Micah Sachs, DreamHost's VP of Professional Hosting says “The teams at atmail and Vade Secure have completely understood our long-term vision for improved email performance and have been a pleasure to work with. Their technology has allowed DreamHost to improve our customer experience to a significant degree, and we're proud to have them onboard as partners.”

The company is leader in WordPress Hosting, and now it has added
‘Git Support – Popular Version Control Tool' on all its managed WordPress Hosting Services. Thus, DreamHost is an ideal development environment for theme and plugin developers. It lets them, track changes made to code during a development process.

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