BitTorrent's NSA-Proof Messaging System

BitTorrent's NSA-Proof Messaging SystemWhere there is demand, there is opportunity. The privacy issue brought to light by NSA activities has created a demand for more products and apps that are secure and impenetrable to prying eyes. Yesterday, I brought you a post about John McAfee's latest invention (here). Today, the peer-to-peer sharing service, BitTorrent, has announced a new server-less messaging system.

BitTorrent New Messaging System

If you use BitTorrent to share files, you are likely familiar with the company's security and privacy policies. The new messaging system that BitTorrent has devised acts in much the same way. By using a “decentralized” system, BitTorrent's messaging service will connect people together through a messenger app that doesn't rely on any kind of server.

In other words, your messages won't be stored, public, or susceptible to anyone that wants to take a peek inside. You can message people all day long, and not worry about your conversations being tracked, followed, or looked in on by anyone on the outside. This is what BitTorrent claims, at least.

BitTorrent's NSA-Proof Messaging System: Some Questions

BitTorrent reps haven't said much about the company's newest app or how it works. So, we'll have to wait and see just how this messaging system works for now. But, I do have one concern. This is supposed to be a highly secure app that can be used without worry that someone will see what you're up to, right?

Well, when signing up for the beta version of this site, I was asked to provide and confirm my email address. As you know from reading this blog, your email address is highly traceable, and anything inside of your email is also privy to prying eyes. So, I'm not certain that asking users to confirm via email is the best course of action, but that's the way that this cookie is crumbling for now.

To Sign Up and Use The Service

As mentioned, you can sign up for the new BitTorrent messaging service through the BitTorrent main site. Again, you will have to provide your email address details, but that's the only flaw that I'm seeing right now. BitTorrent's server-less messaging system is the first of its kind, and it does seem to be paving the way for more services like this one.

Clearly, the public wants more messaging (and network) services that can't be scrutinized by government agencies or any seeking to obtain information. BitTorrent and John McAfee are leading this pack, but I'm betting that you will see more services, apps, and networks of this kind in the very near future. Instead of turning people away from the Internet, it seems, the NSA has simply created a demand for more secure options.

What do you think about BitTorrent newest app? Would you use this messaging service? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below, or join me via Google Plus to talk about the NSA and other details.

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