How To Use Dropbox
How To Use Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing services available. Not only does the company have a great marketing plan in place, but Dropbox's reputation and services speak volumes. If you're new to Dropbox, you may be wondering how you can get started – the good news is that it's really simple!

Here's how to get started with Dropbox.

How To Use Dropbox: First Steps

  1. Sign up for a Dropbox account.
  2. Note the little Dropbox icon on the top of your screen.

How To Use Dropbox: Adding Files to Dropbox

Now that you've installed Dropbox, you will have the option to add files to your Dropbox folder at any time. Whenever you save a file now, you will see a Dropbox option becomes available.

To save files to Dropbox:

  1. Select Dropbox from the list of ‘Save' options.
  2. To save photos, music files, and other bits to your Dropbox, all you have to do is drag and…drop! Just select a file, drag that file to your Dropbox icon, and drop it. That's it!
  3. You can also right-click to save a file to Dropbox.
  4. Dropbox handles all of your synching, so you don't have to worry about this.

How To Use Dropbox: Finding Dropbox Files

Now that you've saved those files to Dropbox, where have you put them? Finding Dropbox files is simple too.

Follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Dropbox icon
  2. After clicking on the icon, you can select your folder from the Dropbox menu.
  3. Your Dropbox folder will open, and you can then open up any files that are included in that folder.

How To Use Dropbox: Other Dropbox Bits

Those are the basic steps to setting up a new Dropbox account. Dropbox can be used at this very basic level, but it can also be used for a number of additional things like sharing with team members, sharing music, and many other interesting bits.

Right now, go ahead and get started with creating your Dropbox folder. Once that's set up, come on back and we'll take you through creating a more sophisticated Dropbox folder, and finding those things that you didn't even know you could do with Dropbox! You'll quickly see why this file sharing service is one of the most popular options available, and why Dropbox rakes in a hefty revenue daily.

How To Use Dropbox: Questions and Comments

Do you have questions about Dropbox or what you can do with it? Do you need help setting up your Dropbox account, or figuring out how to share a file? If you need any help with this service, please feel free to let us know. Dropbox is simple – and you'll love how easy it makes storing your files, sharing your files, and communicating with your team!

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  • vicky cristina says:

    Dropbox has added two new team management features Groups and Groups API to Dropbox for business. These features allow team to create and manage member lists within Dropbox and to share folders and documents. Group API enables admins to integrate Dropbox for business into their existing IT systems.

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