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April Fools Day in the web hosting world was big this year. My inbox was overflowing with press releases and articles that simply weren't true. Deciphering the false titles from the real ones is sometimes tough, but all of them were in good fun. Here are the best website hosting joke on April Fools Day.

The Pirate Bay Relocation Hosting Joke

This one was all over the Internet. Since anything with the words “The Pirate Bay” tends to gain a lot of attention, this story was reported (and taken for truth) over and over again. What was it all about? The joke was that The Pirate Bay had moved its servers from North Korea to the USA.

Just looking at that last sentence should tip most people off that this story was a joke — North Korea and the USA? Highly unlikely! But, I saw this story posted numerous times on Facebook… and throughout the rest of the web. A great prank!

CloudSigma Fax Features Hosting Joke

Another great hosting jokes this year came from CloudSigma. The company put out a press release stating that users can now access the site's cloud servers through fax. The company claimed that users could have a cloud server screen sent to them via fax at thirty minute intervals. Um, what? Yep, you read that right – and you were fooled if you believed it!

Server Meadows Cremation and Burial Services Hosting Joke

A new web hosting burial company popped up on April 1st. The company was called ‘Server Meadows,' and it offered up cremation and burial services for dead servers. The fake website boasted various cremation and burial services and packages; an entire site filled with the usual site pages; a video; a blog; and plenty of other details. The Server Meadows site is up and running if you want a good laugh!

Google's Levity Algorithm Tool Hosting Joke

Google's prank has to be one of the best. I saw this prank posted and reposted throughout the web on April Fools Day at least fifty times. The new app tool supposedly used algorithms to make office life more interesting. Google used actors to create believable videos, and posted the prank details throughout the web. Plenty of tech people were fooled by this one, and the video was watched thousands of times. If only such a tool existed!

The Bing SEO Ranking Tool Hosting Joke

Bing got into the mix with an all-new SEO ranking tool prank. Bing promised users that company could tag sites, and tell the search engine where those sites should be ranked. By placing this tag inside of page code, Bing would then rank the site according to user wishes. Wouldn't this make it a heck of a lot easier for all those hardworking SEO folks?

The web was bursting with hosting pranks this year. Did you fall for any of these? Did you happen to see one that was better than all of these? Did you get into the fun of things by creating your own hosting prank? April Fools Day only comes around once per year, so get ready for next year!

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