Cloud Computing And Hosting

You've probably heard the term “the cloud” a lot, and for good reason. In today's world, a person might own a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, and smart phone, as well as use a computer belonging to the business they work for. Would you rather carry around a USB drive holding important documents in order to access the data on any machine, or have instant access no matter what device you're using? Most people would choose option B.

Cloud Computing And HostingBecause you are sending your data to a centralized location (the cloud) any number of your devices, as long as they have internet connectivity, can access that data, no matter where you may be.

With the growth in popularity of this type of data storage as well as cloud hosting services, Microsoft estimates cloud computing to create 14 million jobs by 2015. But what do you really know about the cloud?

It is a relatively new concept, and a lot of people simply don't get it at all. To prove this, the cloud computing company Citrix conducted a study, and the results may surprise you!

What Is The Cloud Computing?

Out of the 1,006 surveyed, only 16% had a clue what the cloud actually was.

51% of those surveyed actually believe that stormy weather will disrupt cloud computing, while 29% think that the cloud literally exists in the sky.

Cloud Computing And Hosting: The Future Is Here

One in three of those surveyed think that the cloud is something that will eventually exist in the future. Even worse: 54% say they've never used the cloud when in fact 95% of those people actually are without even being aware of it.

How is this possible? Simple: 65% are conducting banking transactions online; 58% rely on some form of social networking site; 29% rely on a website to store their photos; 19% use online file-sharing services; 63% shop online. All of these activities are cloud-based.

Cloud Computing And Hosting: Faking It

One in five people say they've lied to friends or coworkers, claiming to know how the cloud works or what it is when in actuality they know nothing about it at all. And what's more, 56% of respondents say they think others are feigning knowledge on the subject when in fact they're just as clueless.

Cloud Computing And Hosting: Clearing The Air

So, are you one of these people who has absolutely no idea, or very limited knowledge, of the cloud and how it works? Let's set the record straight right here and now.

The Cloud Is…

The cloud is all around you, not up in the sky or in a specific physical location. You rely on it when you watch videos on YouTube, check your Hotmail or Gmail account, browse pictures of your newest niece on Facebook, or buy new music on iTunes. It is estimated that by 2016, 340 million additional people will rely on the cloud.

Is The Cloud Safe?

Not at all. It is just as vulnerable, if not more vulnerable, to threats as physical servers. 32% of those surveyed feel security concerns are a good reason to avoid the cloud altogether.

Job Creation

Clearly, cloud computing will be the next “it” job. There is a need at this very moment, as evidenced by the number of people who do not understand the cloud at all. Google and Amazon have an increased need to get their hands on IT professionals who understand the cloud and all of its specific needs and concerns, and in the future, everyone will want the same. If you plan to go into web development, systems analysis, network systems, database administration, or application programming, you'll need a solid understanding of cloud computing.

Right now, 90% of Microsoft's $8.6 billion research and development budget is being pumped into the improvement of cloud computing and cloud hosting services, especially regarding security. It's clear the cloud will only get bigger, and that is a good thing.

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