John McAfee Has A NSA Solution

mcafee nsa device John McAfee Has A NSA SolutionEccentric millionaire John McAfee has a solution to NSA spying. McAfee has devised a device that creates small networks that are virtually impenetrable by the NSA. These networks will span approximately three blocks, and the only people that can sign into the networks are those that are part of those three blocks. As people move, the network will no longer be accessible.

This is an interesting idea that comes from the same man that create McAfee antivirus. You know, the antivirus that drives you completely bonkers around the clock if you work with a PC? Yeah, that McAfee – only the man has nothing to do with the actual antivirus now, and you can find a really interesting video on YouTube featuring John McAfee's methods for uninstalling the virus. That aside, how effective will the McAfee method be, and how does it impact hosting?

John McAfee Has A NSA Solution: Sparse Details

In true McAfee style, John McAfee hasn't revealed too much about this new device. At present, he's calling the device the DeCentral, and the device promises to prevent government spying – regardless of what hosting company you use. With this pocket-sized device, you can block any kind of outside surveillance, and that includes blocking your hosting company from seeing what you are doing on your site.

It's an interesting idea, isn't it? Is it one that will work? Really, the concept is simple enough, but it's tough to say whether or not the NSA will allow the same of McAfee's latest device. In response to that query, McAfee has told press that he'll just sell the DeCentral device in other markets if it doesn't pass the U.S. government scrutiny.

While some love this idea, others wonder whether or not McAfee is working with the government to capture persons of interest instead of actually working against the government – it can be hard to tell. Either way, McAfee's design is complete, and now he's just looking for some hardware developers – know any?

What's Happening With the NSA?

Ever since the activities of the NSA came to light, the government has come under a lot of fire with companies like Google and with individuals. Right now, there are a lot of court battles happening with no real outcomes as of yet. In the future, though, you can expect to see a lot of news surrounding the NSA surface. Some of that news will certainly be about McAfee's newest invention too.

Even though he's something of a legend (for various reasons), McAfee aims to tackle the NSA issue with a small device that will retail for around $100. When that device arrives in the U.S. or elsewhere, we will let you know where you can get it and how, exactly, it works (or if it works).

What do you think about McAfee's latest stances against the NSA? Is this device feasible, welcomed, or even something that you would purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

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