Anti-virus Overview

Does Kaspersky really need an introduction? This company has been the go-to virus protector for the past few years, the newest version (2014) has recently hit the market. This review will cover that latest product, so you can make the right virus protection decision.

About the Company

Address: Kaspersky Lab Switzerland GmbH CHE-114.644.463 Bahnhofstrasse 100 Zürich CH-8001 Switzerland

The Benefits of Kaspersky's Latest Release

Kaspersky's latest anti-virus hardly malfunctions while in use. The algorithm of the software is very carefully spun with regular updates. Therefore, users do not have to face any kind of false alarms or threats when installing any kind of legitimate software. With the regular system scanning, Kaspersky ensures that threatening virus attacks any of new programs are kept at bay. This is a relief for users seeking unproblematic anti-virus software. This is not the case with other anti-virus programs that often falsely detect viruses when new (and legit) software is installed.

Kaspersky is also very easy to use.

Available For Following Operating Systems :

  • Kaspersky for notebook & PC : Kaspersky available for Windows 7 & Windows 8 notebook & PC.
  • Kaspersky for MAC : Also available for MAC And Linux Systems
  • Kaspersky for Mobile : It Gives advanced protection for Android tablets and Smartphones.
  • Kaspersky Total Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Small Office Security
  • Kaspersky Anti Virus
  • Business security software


After logging into the software, users will find four screens that control virus detection and malware blocking. Navigating these screens are simple enough. However, we have just one word of caution for non-technical users: it is better not to make any settings changes if it can be avoided. If you aren’t sure about this, call the Kaspersky technical help line.

Installing this software is also effortless and fast. The only drawback we saw is that Kaspersky may not load properly if malware is already present. Before installing Kaspersky, in this case, users will have to remove any present malware.

Among the four screens, the user will find an icon of a computer and several smaller icons under it. This icon is useful if the user needs to know about the security issues of the computer. Users can find all links and features related to all systems operations quite easily as well. The whole system makes Kaspersky extremely user friendly and effective.

It's hard to find much fault with the newest version of Kaspersky. We completely recommend this product for easy and efficient use. Do you like Kaspersky?

Latest News

(October 30, 2019) Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) confirmed Malware found on the Indian Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) administrative-network created by North Korea's state-sponsored hackers. NPCIL said it did not reach its critical internal network used to control the power plant's nuclear reactors. In September 2019, Kaspersky reported that the Lazarus Group had been spotted spreading Dtrack and AMDtrack versions across India, targeting its financial sector. Most attacks have been focussed on hacking banks and cryptocurrency exchanges to gather funds for the Pyongyang regime to raise funds for its weapons and missile programs.
Historically, the Lazarus Group or any other North Korean hacker group rarely gone after targets in the energy and industrial sector mostly, they went after proprietary intellectual property rather than sabotage. The KNPP incident looks more like an accidental infection, rather than a well-planned operation.
According to a Kaspersky analysis of the Dtrack Malware, the trojan includes features for:

  • keylogging
  • retrieving browser history
  • gathering host IP addresses, information about available networks and active connections
  • listing all running processes, all files on all available disk volumes

Latest News

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