Best And Cheapest Shared Hosting Providers

Shared hosting Providers

For whom Shared hosting is most suitable:

  • Beneficial for beginners/ starter website, people who want their own personal sites and online small business.
  • Visited by less than 500 people daily
  • Not heavy interaction with the visitors. Simple site not consuming many resources
  • Look-out for professional web apps with low costs
  • Coding and web design experiments
  • Individual websites for family and friends
  • Students learning WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other applications

As server space utilized by a number of users. Hence it brings down the cost and even college-going student can afford it. Almost with almost similar benefits as server hosting but far more economical.

About Shared hosting

Shared HostingThere is no rocket science involved in this and in lay man’s terms when you share your hosting services with other webmasters on same Shared Server, it is called Shared Hosting i.e. One server hosts hundreds or even thousands of websites.

The websites of other clients also hosted on the same server that you choose to host sites. All accounts must share the available resources with the other accounts on the server. These include CPU time, memory, and disk space.


  • You need not be an expert to administer it.
  • Its user-friendly interface/service allow you to administer the hosting service on your own.
  • Most affordable option, suitable for start-ups and small businesses with limited funds.
  • Resource allocation is according to the needs and numerous options available for upgrading.
  • Proper resource usage
  • Cheaper and Economical: Cost minimization due to resource sharing.
  • Provider handles Hardware and software upgradations. Also, no hassle of Server Administration, issues and updations.
  • Technical assistances provided by Shared Hosting provider expert team

You can learn about it on your own as it is a user-friendly Interface/ service. Like the control panel (c-Panel) needs no special talent to operate. You can do it by yourself and even administer the hosting service all by your own. Many a time small business entrepreneurs do not feel like hiring the services of another administrator.

Shared hosting decreases the cost by authorizing several sites on the same server. The huge cost of running a server distributes between each site’s, small to medium-sized companies. It won’t be inappropriate to say that cheap hosting is nothing but a shared hosting only.

Why Cheap?

When one web server utilized for multiple websites hosting it becomes reasonable for everyone. Approximately the cost of Good Shared hosting services may range in between $3 to around $25 per month only. So in shared hosting user gets one of the best deals at inexpensive rates. Against the popular belief that shared hosting has limited features. In shared hosting services it is very important to select the proficient host. And, has a track record of maintaining more than 99% uptime.

In short Shared Hosting can be of great help for people who work in a limited manner. Dedicated servers are not only expensive but also difficult to manage on your own. Rest assured you can certainly rely on this kind of an affordable hosting service without much a difficulty.

To sum it up Shared Hosting is beneficial because of its low-cost. Ease of administration (for an average user) As there are fewer options so less of difficulty. Hosting provider decides general server configuration. Server maintained by the hosting provider. Most hosting providers offer 1-click script / CMS installation.

Antivirus Review Kaspersky keeps virus attacks at bay

Antivirus Review Kaspersky

Anti-virus Overview

Antivirus Review KasperskyDoes Kaspersky really need an introduction? This company has been the go-to virus protector for the past few years, the newest version (2014) has recently hit the market. This review will cover that latest product, so you can make the right virus protection decision.

Best Anti Virus Providers

The Benefits of Kaspersky's Latest Release

Kaspersky's latest anti-virus hardly malfunctions while in use. The algorithm of the software is very carefully spun with regular updates. Therefore, users do not have to face any kind of false alarms or threats when installing any kind of legitimate software. With the regular system scanning, Kaspersky ensures that threatening virus attacks any of new programs are kept at bay. This is a relief for users seeking unproblematic anti-virus software. This is not the case with other anti-virus programs that often falsely detect viruses when new (and legit) software is installed.

Kaspersky is also very easy to use.

Available For Following Operating Systems :

  • Kaspersky for notebook & PC : Kaspersky available for Windows 7 & Windows 8 notebook & PC.
  • Kaspersky for MAC : Also available for MAC And Linux Systems
  • Kaspersky for Mobile : It Gives advanced protection for Android tablets and Smartphones.


After logging into the software, users will find four screens that control virus detection and malware blocking. Navigating these screens are simple enough. However, we have just one word of caution for non-technical users: it is better not to make any settings changes if it can be avoided. If you aren’t sure about this, call the Kaspersky technical help line.

Installing this software is also effortless and fast. The only drawback we saw is that Kaspersky may not load properly if malware is already present. Before installing Kaspersky, in this case, users will have to remove any present malware.

Among the four screens, the user will find an icon of a computer and several smaller icons under it. This icon is useful if the user needs to know about the security issues of the computer. Users can find all links and features related to all systems operations quite easily as well. The whole system makes Kaspersky extremely user friendly and effective.

It's hard to find much fault with the newest version of Kaspersky. We completely recommend this product for easy and efficient use. Do you like Kaspersky?

Web Hosting Review Image Web Hosting

Best Image Web Hosting Providers

Comprehensive information on Image web Hosting

In order to provide you with comprehensive information about image web hosting, one should be explained what exactly it is in the very first place. In simple words Image hosting is all about providing users with an interface to upload images that get stored into a server. Needless to say, that these images could be made public or used privately by individuals. Now some hosts provide FTP access which can be further used to upload one or many images at the same time. Again some hosts also offer inline links that help users to link, insert or rather show it on other websites. This kind of linking could be done by clickable thumbnails, use of HTML and BB codes.

Image web HostingMore or less uploading these images is not that difficult as most of these hosts present you with a user interface. All you need to do is to select a picture from one of your folders in your computer, log into the site of your choice that you have chosen for image web hosting and click on the “submit” button. If you want to multiple photos then you can certainly use a zip file. This takes care of the uploading and then you can see it posted on the site of your choice. Yes this is very easy and involves no rocket science at all! Then again if you are using free services then make sure that you upload pictures within a certain size as it may not allow larger sized images for free. To facilitate uploading larger images you may have to sign up for a paid subscription. This surely is the sole discretion of a site you are using to post photographs on.

Now you may be thinking about why should you use an image web hosting provider or what are its benefits? Let us explain it like this that you are probably a professional photographer or painter (may be an amateur one) who needs to display their skills in the internet. Probably you are an e commerce trader who needs to exhibit their products online for your customers. Images need to be uploaded for all these reason or may be for fun also. For all this you most definitely need the services of a hosting provider who specializes in hosting pictures. This gives you a bigger exposure by making talent or products visible to the whole world. This is the most prevalent advantage of an image web hosting beyond any doubts.

In conclusion it has to be mentioned that image web hosting is all the above. It needs no special skills to understand under what circumstances one may have to resort to it. Of course this is heavily needed by all those professionals who want to showcase their talent and get recognized for it. At the same people can use it for personal reasons as well to convey their feelings on social networking sites or blogs. Overall this is a great medium of expressing of what you want and earn returns from which may be in cash or kind!

Web Security Review Avira Antivirus

Some Words on Avira Antivirus Review

There are some very significant aspects that need special mention in favor of Avira antivirus review. Ever since the requirement for quality antivirus software has increased, some of the leading antivirus manufacturing companies have come up with new versions in the market and Avira is one of them. The previous versions of Avira were suitable for preceding processors. The Avira antivirus version 14 in this respect is the latest addition to this series. It is a free antivirus program and so its demand is growing quite high. If high proficiency is one of the reasons why computer users go for it, the other factor obviously is that it comes free!

Trusted And Best Antivirus Providers

Avira Antivirus available for :

  • Antivirus for PC : Protect windows 8 Pc against All type of threats & Secure your privacy.
  • Antivirus for Mac : Its also available for your Mac System.
  • Antivirus for Android : Secure your Smartphones, Android and Tablets with Avira antivirus app.
  • Antivirus for iOS : anti-theft & Security for iPhone and iPad devices
  • Avira Managed Email Security : Remote Avira Cloud feature to scan emails for malware & spam

Avira AntivirusApart from this it should be cited that Avira takes minutes to detect malware in a system. With a very simple interface, Avira makes a thorough scanning on regular basis and scrutinizes even the programs that show the least signs of risk. It has to be stated that Avira antivirus offers free access to all. In other words, this means that this software constantly keeps all the programs in the system under its observation as or resident protection. There is no interruption to the process and therefore the safety of the computer is completely assured when Avira is installed. Clearly, an Avira antivirus review shows that there is hardly any alternative now for this antivirus software so far the efficiency in malware blocking operation is concerned.

Avira properly protects not only traditional viruses, but also updated malwares. As the software makes automatic updates on the virus definitions which enables the software to spot any sort of virus. With advanced heuristic tools, Avira has made it possible to acquire the best features as free antivirus software. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 as Windows Vista and XP, Mac, iOS, Android. So a wide range of processors can remain secured with Avira.

As you install Avira a toolbar gets added along it with it which again may take a little longer than usual time is required to download a free antivirus. Talking from Avira antivirus review point it should be added that Avira enables its users to select the antivirus program as per their necessity. With automatic updates time to time, Avira gains more power to ensure safety and security of any computer.

It can identify all sorts of adware, spyware, dialers, back door programs as well as fake software items are filtered and blocked with Avira. The filtering process is something that makes Avira important to most of its users. Be it the old modem dialers to the much-advanced Trojans, all are duly noticed and blocked by Avira. All these features make Avira more effortless especially for home users.

There is a registration request that comes after the Avira installation is over in the computer. However, it is optional and the users may ignore it. Another aspect of significance while discussing Avira is its Custom Installation process that is offered to the user during installation which allows a user to set their preferences. In short, as it is revealed in this article an Avira antivirus review can declare that Avira offers an all inclusive service to any computer.

Latest News And Web Hosting Review ITXdesign

ITXdesign Overview

itxdesignAlthough you may find a lot of reviews in the internet, that may not satisfy your query in regards to ITXdesign, that is why you have stopped by. This is a comprehensive review about this web hosting company is like along with the kind of service it provides. You have come to the right place and there is no need to look for any more reviews as this will give you a comprehensive view about this company on the whole.

ITXDesign Provide's

$4.95 /month
Reseller Hosting
$24.95 /month
WordPress Hosting
$4.95 /month
Dedicated Hosting
$179 /month
VPS Hosting
$49.95 /year
Visit Site

ITXdesign was founded in the year 2001 and ever since then it had been providing quality services to its clients. They provide services for reseller hosting, web hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated Server hosting. One unique thing about this company is that they offer a special hosting package to churches, ministries and missionaries. Not to forget that this is priced fairly that aims to provide services to these non-profit organizations. This makes them stand out from the many web hosting service providers of today.

With over 13 years of experience they have been able to present its clients with unlimited bandwidth and diskspace. Another USP is their uptime which has accuracy of 99.99% on an average. Special mention has to be made about the Tier 1 connection that is not only faster but also highly reliable. Again the website builder they offer is extremely user friendly which requires no help at all. Of course the daily backup that is provided by this company makes it an excellent company to work with.

In addition to all this it has to be added that ITXdesign has a really fantastic team to work with. Their teams are brimming with experts who are ready to help you whenever you face a face problem. Be it a developer, architect or a designer, all these professionals have a zing to work on a given project with a great zeal. The ability to solve problems of any kind at anytime makes this a brilliant team. Along with this the fact that their packages are inexpensive complements their services. Their services start from a rate as low as that of $ 4.95 a month! What else can you want from a web hosting service provider?

This is why their customers find pleasure in working with them and do not want to look for any other company once they have worked with them because of all this.

In conclusion it has to be stated that ITXdesign is not only hosting company that offers variety but also is a great place to look for reasonable services. Talking about this brings us to one more point that not been covered yet which is their customer care services. They have a 24/7 technical help desk that is more than happy to help you at anytime irrespective of the time zones. You may also contact them by emailing their team as per your convenience. Hence you see that there are more than one reason of opting for their services!