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Cloud Company Rain Ways To Attract New Cloud BusinessIt can be hard to stand out as a cloud hosting company in a sea of big hosting names like Amazon. How can you compete against AWS and draw in new customers? It's not an easy road to take, but it's one that can become simpler to navigate if you take into account the following five cloud hosting tips.

Just one note before you read on: this article assumes that you've determined your target market. Don't be overly anxious and attempt to reach everyone. A niche market is always a paying and dedicated market, so do keep this in mind! Now, onto those tips…

5 Ways To Attract New Cloud Business:

1. The Power Of Social Media.

Offer something of value and customers will sign up. It's as simple as that. But wait, how can you let people find out about what you're offering? Use your social media accounts! It really is that simple. Come up with a special offer and post it to Facebook and Twitter, enticing people to find out what it's all about. Ultimately, this will end up in new clients signing up for your cloud hosting services.

2. Trade Shows And Conferences.

Set up a table at a tech conference, and offer materials for attendees to learn about your company and what it offers them. Talk to everyone that comes to the table and find a way to obtain their contact information. It isn't enough to wait for them to call you. Take control and contact them!

3. Host Your Own Events.

Run a “Getting To Know The Cloud” event periodically, allowing customers to learn what the cloud is all about. You can do this via video, through an online meeting, or in a real world setting. Keep it basic, the idea is to introduce people to the cloud as it really is.

Most people feel the cloud is an unsafe environment, while others don't know a thing about it at all. If you can get through to these people and teach them a thing or two about cloud infrastructure, they'll be more likely to jump on board.

They'll trust you much more than others because you do more than offer them a hosting solution. You took the time to explain why the cloud will work for their business, or why it wouldn't, and that means the world.

4. Get Involved.

Do something that has nothing to do with cloud hosting. Get out there and organize a community cleanup, help at an animal shelter, or host a charity event. Sometimes, the easiest way to attract new customers is to get out there and let them get to know you better. When you appear more human and don't try to sell them a hosting package, they'll be more apt to contact you down the road. Be sure to blog about the event, both before and after. Include some pictures of you lending a helping hand! HostGator is one company that's great at stepping outside of the hosting bounds!

5. Change.

Whether it's your website design, or adding to what your business has to offer, changing things up is always a good idea. Generate excitement about your new blog and social media accounts, and give something away, whether it's a free month, an add-on service at no cost, or even a Visa gift card.

Do you have a great way to attract new customers? We want to hear about it! Share it with us by commenting below.

Photo From Gonmi Via Flickr Creative Commons – Thanks!

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