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Windows Hosting ProvidersMost probably people use Microsoft windows for their desktop but not much aware to set up a windows server. Today many hosting companies are providing several platforms for users and Windows Web Hosting is also liked by many companies and users.

Microsoft develops Windows Server; Windows Server supports such programming and database that are required for Web Hosting. It is easy to manage and use tools that are provided by Microsoft to develop and implement web hosting services. A database website can be developed with using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL. It’s also support PHP and MySQL.

Windows server runs on high configurations machines; regularly updating security patches and programs help users to secure and solve problems in developing applications.

The reason why Windows Hosting Providers are the most trusted ones all around the world is that they are the most popular platform for hosting services without any doubts. That is very true as it has been reported that about 80% of the world uses Windows. This means most users are well conversant with Windows and they find it easier to work on its hosting platform as well. Hence the learning curve of a Windows hosting user is lesser than any other hosting users!

One more factor that adds in favor of using Windows Hosting Providers is that it is the best platform to support PHP. This certainly makes internet users and website administrators simply demand Windows hosting services. There is no need to explain that PHP is a smart choice of web designing because of its brilliant performance. This gives Windows a sharp edge over any other hosting services.

In continuation to this it has to be mentioned that while employing ASP for designing the pages of a website, developers often fall back on Windows Hosting Providers. The .NET framework gives a site better with efficient presentation. In this light of discussion it has to be added that this kind of hosting lends complete support to MySQL database too. This is surely another explanation why Windows serve as a good host to its users!

Another basis would be to speak in terms finances and Windows Hosting Providers are not expensive at all. In fact the market is brimming with reasonable providers who offer excellent services for a mere payment. It is just a fad that people think it to be costly as Windows is a widely OS, which is why the hosting services are not at all dear. Of course the competition is fierce for any hosting provider and if they charge extra while providing the same kind of services, they will soon be put of business. This becomes one more cause to support Windows as hosting providers.

In a way it can be stated that Windows Hosting Providers are the most sought after providers. Regular update of sites makes the operation not only smooth but also safe. It is quite evident that they best with beginners, the load that Windows as a host can take is huge, control panel is easy to use which is based on DotNet and all this only means

that Windows hosting users get full values for their money. All these are enough to make this kind of hosting service really well known all across the globe with ease of access additionally. So there are more pros than cons while using this kind of a hosting service and there are no doubts about it. In short it should be cited that investing in this hosting service is worth the time and energy spent. There is no need to add anymore to this as all the above mentioned reasons are more than enough to make it the most happening and famous hosting providers of the world.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 enhancements include stretch database, temporal tables, native JSON support, and query tables. It easily support hybrid hosting scenarios and provide a better platform for performance monitoring, data auditing and trend analysis.

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