new hostgator codeguardYesterday, HostGator sent out a newsletter announcing the implementation of a service called ‘Code Guard.' Essentially, Code Guard is HostGator new cloud backup service, and it's a really great idea.

Here's a closer look at ‘Code Guard.'

HostGator: Inside Code Guard

HostGator's graphic and great video describes ‘Code Guard' as a “time machine for your site.” This program takes “snapshots” of your code at various times. These images are then saved in HostGator's cloud, so that you can go back and look at any changes made to your site. In the instance that something happens to your site, you can access the snapshots stored in ‘Code Guard,' and use those images to piece your site back together.

Further, ‘Code Guard' will send you a notification whenever a change has been made. The program will also ask if those changes were intentional or not. If you didn't authorize a change (for whatever reason), ‘Code Guard' will let you undo those changes. Brilliant, right?

HostGator: Pricing and Other Details

HostGator offers a few different Code Guard pricing options starting at $19.95 per year for basic backup. You can also get ‘Professional ($49.95),' ‘Premium ($99.95),' or ‘Enterprise ($239.95)' package options. Each option comes with additional features (take a look at the HostGator site to see additional features and plans.

The basic idea here is to provide HostGator clients with great backup options just in case something happens to a site. If you've been reading this blog, you know that all kinds of things can happen to your site – and damage control becomes even more important when you're running a hosting site that many people depend on.

A Prime Example

If there's one company that you'll want to model your own hosting site after, it's HostGator. I don't work for HostGator in any way, but I do host my own site with this company. Why? Because of things like ‘Code Guard.' HostGator just gets it. This company gets social media, they get hosting, the get IT, and they get what it is that customers want.

Is backing up your HostGator site with ‘Code Guard' a good idea? Absolutely. If you currently have a HostGator site, check out the various packages that this company is offering in the way of cloud backup. When, and if, something goes wrong with your site, having an ‘undo' button (and that's how simple HostGator makes the process!) will be a godsend.

Price Breakdown

In case you're wondering, the basic ‘Code Guard' package breaks down to around $1.67 per month. Spending just under $2 per month for total peace of website mind is worth the price, trust me. Otherwise, you won't have any way to go back to a clean version of your site if something happens.

Got questions about HostGator's new ‘Code Guard' option? Just ask!

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