HostGator New CodeGuard Cloud Backup Feature: Worth A Look!

Yesterday, HostGator sent out a newsletter announcing the implementation of a service called ‘Code Guard.’ Essentially, Code Guard is HostGator new cloud backup service, and it’s a really great idea. Here’s a closer look at ‘Code Guard.’ HostGator: Inside Code Guard HostGator’s graphic and great video describes ‘Code Guard’ as a “time machine for your… Read More

A Look At HostGator’s Site Builder

HostGator’s Site Builder Today, we decided to take a look at HostGator’s Site Builder tool, free with your cheap hosting account. You would rely on this tool to build your website if you had no clue how to come up with code; this would be the way to create a well designed page in a… Read More

Hostgator Experiences Email Blacklisting Issues

Cheap hosting giant Hostgator reported a couple of weeks ago that a high number of IP addresses used for email gateways were blacklisted across multiple networks for just about every web host worldwide. When IPs are blacklisted in this manner, it leads to any email being sent from the IP undeliverable to the email black… Read More

HostGator: Ex-Employee Breaches Security. Should You Worry?

HostGator: Ex-Employee Breaches Security Do you rely on HostGator for cheap hosting with dedicated IP? Then you’ll probably be interested in some recent news regarding the cheap hosting with dedicated IP company. 29-year-old Eric Gunnar Grisse of San Antonio, TX was recently arrested and charged with felony breach of computer security for installing a backdoor… Read More

WordPress Hosting Sites

Top Ten Word Press Hosting Sites/Companies There are a number of hosting companies that are regarded to be the best web hosting companies when it comes to providing WordPress hosting services. This is in terms of their hosting speeds, the stability and reliability of their hosting services, performance of the hosting services that they offer.… Read More

Latest News, Video and Hosting Review Hostgator

Hosting Review Hostgator About Company – Hosting Review Hostgator Key Selling Points Leading provider of web hosting, cloud technology Leading the International market of web hosting A Houston -based web hosting company with an additional presence in Austin, Texaswhich The company management team consists of web hosting and technology veterans. They work together to ensure… Read More