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Amazon is the biggest name in the hosting industry which is serving its clients for a long time. The world has reached a new level of technology and now it is no more feasible to keep utilizing the same traditional methods. Amazon Cloud is the answer to all those who desire something more than computing. There are thousands of reasons suggesting why Amazon Cloud is best in its category. User-friendliness remains at the top of the list, which is then aided with many other features.

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About Company

Parent Company: Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States

Other Offices: Mexico, Colombia, and Chile

Data Centers: Brazil

Amazon India

  • Five data centers in Mumbai
  • Indian Companies using AWS: Paytm, Delhivery, and Ola

Establishment: 2006

Services Offered – Hosting Review Amazon Web Service

Key Selling Points

  • Amazon hosted a comprehensive and evolving cloud-computing platform.
  • The hyper-scale cloud provider and a leading force in the cloud marketplace.

Services Offered

175 featured services from different data centers globally.

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Setup and then configure the applications and the operating system.

Perfect for Traditional Server Customers with sporadic traffic. With the “Pay As You Go” pricing model, it is a central piece of the whole AWS ecosystem. It enables on-demand, scalable computing resources in a matter of minutes. Can easily integrate with other AWS products such as Simple Storage Service, Virtual Private Cloud, and Relational Database Service. It provides the reliability that enterprises demand with an SLA commitment of 99.95 percent availability. The users can access it remotely and allows them to stop, restart or reboot specific instances with the support of web service APIs.

  • SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS: Infrastructure management, security, application development, compute and database
  • Rent computing resources: A collection of 40+ cloud infrastructure services
  • Virtual Private Server – Lightsail
    Price: Starts at $5 per month
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Simple Storage Service (S3): Perfect for enterprises looking to leverage big data nearly limitless for native cloud apps, backup MySQL databases, and static assets of mission-critical websites. It provides a flexible, high availability storage web service. Data get stored on S3 buckets, which get triggered as needed. Users pay only for data stored and bandwidth used.
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • VPC
  • Aurora
  • Elastic Book Store (EBS)
  • Redshift
  • Route53
  • CloudFront
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
  • Data Transfer
  • Lambda: Incredibly powerful tools for developers to maximize code effectiveness without the need to provision or manage supporting servers. “Lambda functions,” automatically triggers as a response to multiple events and trigger other AWS services like S3 buckets, DynamoDB tables, and more.
  • Simple Email Services
  • Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Fastest Services: Amazon Athena, Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, AWS OpsWork, GuardCuty, and the Amazon EC2 Container Service
  • Other Services: Forecasting and Analytics Services, Networking, Database Market, Database Workloads, Managed document database aiming at MongoDB
  • Mobile, developer tools, management tools, the Internet of Things (IoT), security a
  • Business applications
  • WorkSpaces & AppStream: It's a fully cloud-managed rapid virtualized desktop and apps provisioning service to meet business demands. The workspace program helps organizations to provide remote employees with access to the required 2D and 3D graphic applications rapidly. They can connect using existing consumer devices and gives a local app-like performance experience. This maintains business and user productivity, as more users can work from home. Hence, providing quick provision to remote access without purchasing, shipping, and configuring new devices.

Hosting Features

  • Protect sensitive company data and help prevent data leakage.
  • Eliminate laptop fleet acquisition costs & device management overhead
  • Fast, highly secure, and scalable access
  • Built a global collaboration model: Globally circumvents the need for physical logistics and network build-outs.
  • Best remote work & distance Solution compared to VPN access which causes network latency issues for users.
  • Enabled Global Access: 25,000+ Global Workers use it with fast, restricted access to resources.
  • It features performance requirements while reducing costs as it reduces hardware and management costs to deploy global infrastructure. The estimate shows that it reduces cost by 30%.
  • Secure Content Collaboration Information Security Integrated with AD, HIPAA eligible, PCI DSS compliant, and aligns with ISO compliance requirements End User Productivity Store.
    HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act) Compliance: In the US medical professionals are required to HIPAA compliance before they get access to the medical information of their patients.
  • Share virtually any type of document IT Agility on-board & off-board users around the globe from the cloud in minutes.
  • Highest-Level Security: AWS Infrastructure is built and designed to meet the most tedious security needs of the world. It is monitored every second to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of user data.
    AWS Shield, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and AWS Inspector to safeguard and optimize the infrastructure and defend web applications from DDoS attacks.
    The data gets encrypted automatically at a physical level at Amazon secured facilities.
    The user is in full control of data with the ability to move, encrypt and manage retention at any point in time.
  • Identify and Access Management to deploy ‘Roles' to give access permissions: Provides granulated access permissions to useful resources, on the ‘Principle of Least Privileges. Thus giving only the required access to various end-users to carry out task necessities and nothing more.
  • Shared Responsibility Model: The users/customers share the responsibilities for security and compliance like certifications & attestations, regulations, laws, privacy & alignments, and framework.
    Charge of security of the cloud – AWS
    Charge of security in the cloud – users/customer
    AWS is responsible for securing all physical servers in its data centers. While customers ensure EC2 servers patch and update, as well as password security. Users safeguard systems, assets, and information while delivering required business values through necessary mitigation methods and risk assessment strategies.


WorkSpaces Free Tier Promotion from April 01 to June 30, 2020. Registration is available via AWS Management Console

The AWS Retail Competency Status

A rigorous validation by AWS so that Partners can have success in offering end-to-end solutions across Customer Engagement, Corporate Merchandising and Planning, Supply Chain and Distribution, Physical, Digital, and Virtual Store, Advanced Retail Data Science, Core Retail Business Applications, and Consulting Practice for Retail on AWS.

Customers – Hosting Review Amazon Web Service

Target Customers: Organisations of all sizes including government organizations, Developers, Tech Giants, and small businesses consider cloud computing in their mode of operations

No. of Customers: 120,000+ customers in over 190 countries and 240 territories.

What for Customers?

  • Scalability: Users can scale up resources depending on their needs.
  • Operational Excellence, Reliability, Security & Efficiency: Well defined Architecture Framework, efficient, secured, fault-resilient, and high-performing IT infrastructure
  • Satisfy Users Global Requirement: Most extensive, reliable, and secure global cloud infrastructure for all applications.
  • A powerful and supportive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. AWS is the most dynamic and largest ecosystem spread across various sized industries, start-ups, the public sector, and enterprises.
  • Pay-as-you-use cloud computing technology (Cost Optimization): per-second or per-hour basis or reserve a specific amount of computing capacity at a price.
    The customer pays only for the consumed resources which include Compute, Storage, and Data Out.
    Data transferred between services across the same region and inbound data transfer do not incur any fees.
    For data storage and transfer, user-pay per GB of data.
    Consolidated Billing: Receive bills for multiple linked accounts as a single monthly bill.
    Cost Explorer, Simple Monthly Calculator, and Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) enable current and future customers to estimate the costs that can be incurred in moving their IT infrastructure to the AWS Cloud.
  • Trusted storage and compute facilities: AWS put organizations at the forefront of the cloud storage
  • Backup storage: users don't need to fear sudden hard-drive malfunctions
  • Highest Network Availability: 97 Direct Connect Locations with over 220 points of preference: AWS data centers spread across 77 availability zones (AZs) available in 24 isolated regions in 5 local zones and 8 wavelengths zones. The collection of such AZs which are a completely isolated partition of infrastructure forms a region, which spreads across various geographical proximities connected by network links of low-latency.
    A customer spins up different VMs, replicating application/data across different AZs in the same region, that can resist failures of various servers or the whole data center at large.
  • Flexibility: Users can run their applications globally using any of the AZs and regions.
    Select AWS Wavelength, Local Zones to run an application with single-digit millisecond latencies to end-users and mobile devices OR
    AWS Outposts to run application on-premises.
  • Topnotch Performance: The redundant 100 GbE fiber backbone provide quality terabits of capacity between regions. Furthermore, offering low packet loss, low latency, and improved network quality. There is no failure whatsoever amount of resources user spin over the servers.
  • Digit Millisecond Latency: Rapid deployment of Infrastructure and services within minutes and its expected annual savings of $17M. The users can deploy application loads across the globe where needed with a single click at a right time.
  • Global Footprint: High possibility for users to select a technology infrastructure close to their target customers during the deployment of workloads and applications to the cloud. Thus, delivering better support for the broadest category of applications including applications with the lowest latency requirement and higher throughput. Customer data stays only in the AWS Region they want.
  • Infinite Scalability: The users have extreme flexibility to over-provision. Thus, can handle all their business activities at the highest level. The users can scale up or down the resources as the business demands. This helps to reduce the organization's cost as well as improve the customer's ability to satisfy the user demands.: The users have extreme flexibility to over-provision. Thus, can handle all their business activities at the highest level. The users can scale up or down the resources as the business demands. This helps to reduce the organization's cost as well as improve the customer's ability to satisfy the user demands.
  • Discounts are available for customers who sign up for either one or three years commitments.
  • Lowers organizational expenses on IT and hardware
  • Focussed on Consumer's satisfaction
  • Provides seamless upgrades
  • Consumer-centric delivery rate
  • AWS Cloud computing has been an integral part of IoT (Internet of Things), assembling home appliances, cars, farm equipment, and medicals into the connected world


  • Online retail businesses
  • Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd uses AppStream 2.0 to empower customers and designers to collaborate on a wide range of devices from virtually any location.
  • Distance Learning Program of the University of Virginia: Students use existing devices to access key applications and content with less complexity remotely without deploying applications on student devices or shipping pre-configured devices. It delivers computer-based training remotely without setting up and managing physical labs, thus reducing real estate costs — provision computer training environments from the cloud without re-imaging physical desktops. Students can access it remotely anytime.
  • Enterprise developers and Partners: Netflix, Adobe, LinkedIn, Twitch, Facebook, Turner Broadcasting, BBC, Baidu, ESPN


  • Revenue pegged in 2018 is $25.65 billion and in 2019 grew by 45%
  • Rated consistently as the captain in the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service)
  • Excelling in augmented reality, analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Promotion: Free cloud hosting credits of $1,000 to government-recognized start-ups registered with DIPP under a partnership with the Start-up India programme. Currently, 2,865, registered can avail free-rebate for two years. Furthermore, those part of an incubator or have received venture capital fund, eligible for credits worth $5,000. Also, the company offered limited-period technical support as part of the promotional offer.
DIPP: Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion


Competitors: Oracle, Microsoft, Google, IBM & Alibaba Cloud


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