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Company Introduction – Dropbox Review

Parent Company: Dropbox Inc.

Headquarters:  San Francisco-based


Director, Product Management: Robert Baesman

DropboxDropbox .com is a cloud drive that offers clients cloud computing services such as storage of files, file syncing and also online file sharing. This cloud drive is very efficient, affordable and more so easy to use. Though a simple cloud drive, Dropbox may still be a little complicated to use may be due to the set of features that it has put in place.

Services Offered

Software for file-sharing and synchronizing:  Allows marketing and creative workers to create, edit, share and track work projects

Dropbox Showcase, lets designers, marketers and other employees organize all their work into a single portfolio with branding, captions, and layouts. It tracks whether the client receiving the portfolio looked at it, interacted with it or shared it.


What for Customers?

  • Features: Their pricing is as follows; 50GB per month at only $9.99,100 GB of storage at $19.99 per month and  1TB of storage or more starts at a price of $ 795 for up to 5 users. All this along with 2Gb of free storage each month. The maximum file size that the Dropbox cloud drive can support is 300MB if one is uploading online while the size is unlimited if one uploads directly from the desktop.The design of the DropBox cloud allows clients to sync their files across multiple devices, as many as possible. Also, clients can reach their data from any part of the world so long as the gadget is Internet-enabled, more so, this cloud drive is well designed such that it can support and is definitely ideal for file syncing across multiple devices. These features along with many others such as the support of mobile applications form Android, Blackberry and Apple iOS which can be accessed at no extra cost are built to give clients efficiency, convenience and better yet ease and simplicity of use. The Dropbox cloud service not only allows clients to save documents and photos but also allows storage of videos, spreadsheets and even slideshows. This makes this cloud drive service perfect for both business and individual use. It is moreover possible to store and upload music files to a Dropbox account.
  • Reputation: In the cloud computing platform, Dropbox has a reputation as a pacesetter in the industry as it offers some of the best working and simple to use cloud computing features. More so, their clients are at peace as the cloud drive ensures that there is efficiency and simplicity in its use. It also has a reputation in the industry in terms of the features it offers and its seamless use.
  • Reliability: Dropbox allows clients to carry out a variety of cloud services such as online storage, online back up of data and also online sharing along with others. On top of photos and documents, clients can also store videos, slide shows and even spreadsheets thus is great for both business and even personal use.
  • Performance: The features that are contained in the Dropbox drive are clearly cut out to ensure that clients get maximum performance in terms of cloud computing services. On top of that there is no limit when it comes to how and when one can access their data from the Dropbox cloud, so long as the device is Internet-enabled, Dropbox cloud drive is mobile thus clients can get their data from whichever part of the world.

Support: Clients can use Dropbox for free with the Windows Linux and Mac operating systems thus offering clients variety when it comes to cloud computing.


Dropbox is very simple cloud service but still, it’s complicated for consumers and businesses. As Dropbox has secured a spot in the lineup of cloud services for its seamless use and set of features that it contains.

The features and functionality are clearly given with ease of convenience and usability. In addition to documents and photos, the cloud service allows you to save videos, slideshows, and spreadsheets, making Dropbox a good fit for professionals and small businesses. You can also upload and store music files in your Dropbox account.

When it comes to the mobile access of cloud services, there is the question of how many devices you can access files from and how easy it is to do so. Simple to use and highly convenient, Dropbox is a well designed and implemented cloud service that is ideal for syncing files across multiple devices.

Latest News

  • (October 17, 2017) Seeks More Paying Customers Ahead of Expected IPO


  • Deepika Verma says:

    Dropbox has got into contention with its decision to utilize the HTTP POST method with an API endpoint. POST is defined as a non safe and non-idempotent method. It means that a POST request fails then proxy server not only assume they can also make the same request again. It also ensure HTTP caches no longer work on those request. Some of bloggers have suggested that Dropbox could have created two endpoints: a POST endpoint for submitting queries and a GET endpoint for retrieving query results. HTTP GET method is supposed to be used in future . GET method don’t modify server state . It don’t have a request body, so all parameters appears in URL or in a header.

  • deepika verma says:

    Microsoft is offering OneDrive 100 GB storage at free of cost for Dropbox users. OneDrive already offers 15GB of space for free, over Dropbox’s 2 GB. It comes with Office online, so clients can create, edit and share documents regardless of the type of device working on. It is available at 1TB of storage to business for users to manage work files with ability for IT to protect important company data.

Latest News

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