Rapidly rising technology which is offering quality and reliability where resources stored by their functionality.

Type of Cloud Hosting Services

PaaS, IaaS, CDN/AND, Managed Hosting, Colocation Services & DRaaS

Dedicated Cloud– Virtual Internet servers completely private for a single user, to store data and content securely online.

Major Providers

  • Amazon Web Services(US), Akamai Technologies(US), Cisco Systems(US), Google(US), IBM(US), Hewlett Packet(US), Dell(US), Microsoft Corp.(US), VM-Ware(US), Yahoo Inc.(US)
  • Injazat Data Systems (UAE) & Malomatia (Qatar)

Features – Cloud Hosting Providers

  • Web resources stored and draws from multiple servers. Hence site remains normal during sudden traffic spikes\
  • Fully scalable: Resources like space, bandwidth, RAM can be increased when needed and done automatically.
  • Provides flexibility and power
  • Speed: Resources are available fast
  • Easy to manage and access, allows clients to focus on other sales generating tasks
  • No requirement for installation of costly equipment, hence they are cheap
  • charges made on a monthly basis as “pay as you go”, i.e., charges according to the services used.

Customers: Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), Telecommunications and IT, Manufacturing, Retail, and eCommerce & Others

Concerns – Cloud Hosting Providers

  • Accidental deletion of information, or placing of a user in another Cloud allowing them to view each other's data.
  • A constant threat from hackers is trying to seek out weaknesses and vulnerabilities in cloud storage.
  • Service providers can access information anytime without client's knowledge.