Hosting Review SoftLayer

About Company – Hosting Review SoftLayer is an IBM company that offers Cloud Infrastructure as a service to clients from all over the world. This company was founded in 2005 and later acquired by IBM in July 2013, before it was acquired by IBM, was the largest privately held IaaS provider in the world.

The company is has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and operates from 13 data centers. These data centers are located all over the world, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Chennai, India, several in Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Houston, Melbourne, London, two in Washington DC, Toronto, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Seattle, 2 in San Jose, Quere’taro in Mexico, Paris, Milan and Montreal in Canada. Some of the services this company offers are reseller hosting, digital marketing, gaming solutions, private clouds, e-commerce hosting among others.

It is always wise to read a review before you use products or services of a particular company. Before you hire the services of a web hosting company you should read an honest review on the services offered by the company. Now if you are on the lookout for an honest review on SoftLayer; you may not find it one particular website. Most websites express mixed opinions which may leave you very confused. This particular review is designed to educate you on the various services offered by the company.

Data Center: The U.S

  • Integrates three distinct and redundant gigabit network architectures – public, private, and data center-to-data center
  • The industry’s first network-within-a-network topology for maximum accessibility, security, and control

Services Offered

  • Global, on-demand data center and hosting services
  • Software Solutions: Microsoft, Red Hat, Parallels, McAfee
  • Virtualization: XenServer, Hyper-V, VMWare, Virtuozzo
  • Disaster Recovery: Snapshots, EVault, Replication, Geographic Diversity, Network Solutions
  • Load Balancing: Firewalls, CDN, Anycast DNS, IPv6, Digital Transcoding

Customers: Enterprises

Number of Customers: 20,000+ deployed servers, 5500 customers in 110+ countries

What for Customers?

  • Industry-leading fully automated solutions with best-in-class connectivity and technology
  • Scalable
  • Provides full access and control

Wide range of services offered by the company

The company provides a wide range of services in a really broad price range. The company has certain services for very cheap and certain services for a little high price. The company also offers customized services and these services are priced differently than the usual programs. From storage, strong network, efficient software, security to additional services the company has it all.

Profile of SoftLayer

When the company first started out it was small and the services were limited. Today the company offers reliable services and has satisfied thousands of customers. Yes the company faces technical issues from time to time but the company works very hard in trying to improve its services. This has helped them conquer a lot of customers from all across the world.

Customer Service as provided by SoftLayer

Like any other company this company too has had its share of problems while providing customer service. The chat service may cause problems but that does not mean that we should write off the company based on one single problem. The company has completely revamped their technical set up. You can find out more about the company’s customer service by doing some research on your own.

The performance of the company

To learn about the performance of the company it would be better if you carried out a comparative study on the services provided by other companies. This company also refunds money to certain customers who are not satisfied with the services of the company. A customer can expect to get a full refund within 30 days.

Reputation of the company

The company has a very good reputation in the market; which it has acquired through pure hard work and not some fancy marketing strategy by men in black suits. Since its inception the company has always focused on providing flawless services. When the company started out it was criticized for its limited service; the company took all the criticism in stride and worked hard to improve its services. The Company has built its image right from scratch. Today the company has become one of the biggest companies and has gained a lot of visibility in the eye of the public. The company operates in multiple locations all over the world. Over the years the company has built an impressive customer base. Experts all over the world recommend the services of the company to the users. Follow the tips in the review and you too can hire the services of SoftLayer.

Performance/Reliability and Uptime report

SATA Hard Drives and SSD disks are used in the company’s data centers to ensure that the company delivers quality-hosting services that are speedy and reliable. On top of that, the support team from the company is available 24/7 to cater to clients’ needs, which further improves the reliability of the company’s hosting services.

Hosting plans

Bare metal servers from the company operate in 3 hosting plans: the Single Processor plan, the dual core processor and the Quad Core processor plan.

The company offers Virtual Private server hosting too. Their VPS hosting offers public and private Node virtual servers. Some of the standard features of the VPS hosting are local and SAN storage, portable storage volumes, automated OS reloads, remote reboot and console access, hardware identification, private VLAN via public and private Network, 24/7 online customer support via phone and live chat among others. also offers reseller hosting, gaming solutions and e-commerce solutions to their clients.

Features and Control panel

Softlayer’s hosting services offer clients a variety of hosting features from which they can choose. Some of these features are: 24/7 customer and technical support, Soft Layer Development Network, digital transcoding, Message Queue and Notification Service, remote reboot and console access, proximity and Biometric Access Control, Digital Security Video Surveillance, private VLAN via Public & Private Network, geographically redundant DN, hardware identification among others.

Other features are dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6, API, automated OS reloads, web servers, SSD disks, RAID-10 disks, SATA hard drives, database servers, e-mail delivery services, load balancing, content delivery network,100% network uptime among others.

The hosting services from this company use a web based self-service control panel


  • offers their clients feature-rich hosting services.
  • The hosting services from hosting company offer clients great performance and speed.
  • At, clients are entitled to round the clock customer and technical support


  • There are currently no discount coupons on offer for clients from
  • The Company does not offer their clients a money back guarantee.

Cancellation/Refund Policy hosting company does not offer their clients a money back guarantee.

Support Company offers their clients 24/7 technical and customer support. On top of that, the support team from the company is available via phone, e-mail and live chat. Clients further have access to the Company’s knowledge layer for added support.

Conclusion hosting is a very reliable provider of hosting services in the industry. The company has steadily created a name for itself in the industry since its inception in 2005. Their service offers clients excellent performance and speedy hosting. The customer support team from the company is more over available throughout to cater for their clients hosting needs.