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Parent Company: Amazon Web Services, Inc.

About Company – Hosting Review Amazon Web Service

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Key Selling Points

  • The hyperscale cloud provider and leading force in the cloud marketplace.

Services Offered – Hosting Review Amazon Web Service

  • Rent computing resources: A collection of 40+ cloud infrastructure services
  • Virtual Private Server – Lightsail
    Price: Starts at $5 per month
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Simple Storage Service (S3): Perfect for enterprises looking to leverage big data nearly limitless for native cloud apps, backup MySQL databases and static assets of mission critical websites. It provides flexible, high availability storage web service. Data get stored on S3 buckets, which get triggered as needed. User pay only for data stored and bandwidth used.
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): Perfect for Traditional Server Customers with sporadic traffic. With “Pay As You Go” pricing model, it is a central piece of the whole AWS ecosystem. It enables on-demand, scalable computing resources in a matter of minutes. Can easily integrate with other AWS products such as Simple Storage Service, Virtual Private Cloud, and Relational Database Service. It provides the reliability that enterprises demand with an SLA commitment of 99.95 percent availability. The users can access it remotely and allows them to stop, restart or reboot specific instances with the support of web service APIs.
  • Lambda: Incredibly powerful tools for developers to maximize code effectiveness without the need to provision or manage supporting servers. “Lambda functions,” automatically triggers as a response to multiple events and trigger other AWS services like S3 buckets, DynamoDB tables, and more.

WorkSpaces & AppStream

It's a fully cloud-managed rapid virtualized-desktop and apps provisioning service to meet business demands. The workspace program helps organizations to provide remote employees with access to the required 2D and 3D graphic applications rapidly. They can connect using existing consumer devices and gives local app-like performance experience. Thus maintains business and user productivity, as more users can work from home. Hence, providing quick provision to remote access without purchasing, shipping, and configuring new devices.


  • Protect sensitive company data and help prevent data leakage.
  • Eliminate laptop fleet acquisition costs & device management overhead
  • Fast, highly secure, and scalable access
  • Built a global collaboration model: Globally circumvents the need for physical logistics and network build-outs.
  • Best remote work & distance Solution compared to VPN access which causes network latency issues for users.
  • Enabled Global Access: 25,000+ Global Workers use it with fast, restricted access to resources.
  • Rapid deployment within minutes and its expected annual savings of $17M
  • It features performance requirements while reducing costs as it reduces hardware and management costs to deploy global infrastructure. The estimate shows that it reduces cost by 30%.
  • Secure Content Collaboration Information Security Integrated with AD, HIPAA eligible, PCI DSS compliant, and aligns with ISO compliance requirements End User Productivity Store.
  • Share virtually any type of document IT Agility on-board & off-board users around the globe from the cloud in minutes.


  • Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd uses AppStream 2.0 to empower customers and designers to collaborate on a wide range of devices from virtually any location.
  • Distance Learning Program of the University of Virginia: Students use existing devices to access key-applications and content with less complexity remotely without deploying applications on student devices or shipping pre-configured devices. It delivers computer-based training remotely without setting-up and managing physical labs, thus reducing real estate costs — provision computer training environments from the cloud without re-imaging physical desktops. Students can access it remotely anytime.


WorkSpaces Free Tier Promotion from April 01 to June 30, 2020. Registration is available via AWS Management Console

The AWS Retail Competency Status

A rigorous validation by AWS so that Partners can have success in offering end-to-end solutions across Customer Engagement, Corporate Merchandising and Planning, Supply Chain and Distribution, Physical, Digital, and Virtual Store, Advanced Retail Data Science, Core Retail Business Applications, and Consulting Practice for Retail on AWS.

Customers – Hosting Review Amazon Web Service

Target Customers: Developers

What for Customers?

  • Scalability: Users can scale up resources depending on their needs.

Latest News – Hosting Review Amazon Web Service

  • (March 29, 2018) Amazon could host Australian government's highly sensitive ‘Protected' data in its Sydney region. The company working with ASD, an agency within the Department of Defence to receive verification at the protected level.
    AWS would be fifth to host protected data. The other four include Sliced Tech, Vault Systems, Macquarie Telecom and Dimension Data.
    The company can host unclassified data with its EBS, EC2, IAM, S3 and VPC services. The company had completed an independent assessment from the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). Hence, allowing government agencies to self-accredit their protected workloads on AWS with the assurance that citizen data is highly secure.
  • (May 31, 2017) AWS Expanded VPS Service Amazon Lightsail to nine more AWS regions and launched a new global console. The updated console allows users to create and manage resources in one or more Regions. The list of supported regions:
    US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio), EU (London), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney)
  • (June 20, 2017) Amazon Is ‘Just Getting Started’ With Web Services Push in Canada by beefing up hiring people to its Toronto office to work on sales and technology adding 200 people taking a total headcount to 800 and 2,000 including warehouse staff across Ontario. The concerns for Stepping up competition and security increased the demand for local servers.