Key Feature

  • Biggest cloud providers worldwide
  • Microsoft’s public cloud computing service
  • A collection of around 68 products that include virtual machines, SQL Database, App Service, and others.
  • It is used to build, deploy and manage applications through a network of Microsoft-owned data centers.
  • Provides a solid-state drive and top-notch hardware capabilities

Azure's Safety Net: (June 02, 2017) Microsoft Extends Azure's Safety Net for Windows Server Cloud Backups to protect both and configuration information. It would make it easier for Azure Backup Customers to bounce back from Windows Server mishaps, or worse, debilitating ransomware attacks. Since Windows Server 2008 R2, the feature integrates cloud backup with Windows Server State.

Azure Backup agent software: Take account of the server's operating system and application configuration It enables businesses to resume operations with a minimum of server setup chores quickly.

Azure Stack: APIs, tools, and processes allow an organization to use the company's Azure cloud service within its data center, i.e., hosted on-premises in private cloud scenarios. Both end-user customers and third-party providers are anxious to deploy the solution. Organizations using Dell EMC, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and Lenovo systems can now order Azure Stack.


Program Manager: Saurabh Sensharma


  • Azure, Microsoft's cloud-computing platform is second in cloud computing behind Amazon Web Services.

Azure SQL Database

  • According to DB-Engines, it is named among the top three databases of 2020.

What for Customers?

  • Empowers game creators to build, run, and grow their games on a global scale. It powers the biggest multiplayer games, featuring state-of-the-art security and the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider.

Latest News

KRAFTON, Inc. announced a global collaboration with Microsoft Azure to maximize data security & privacy

November 08, 2020:  It would host its portfolio of multiplatform products directly operated by the company and its subsidiaries, including PUBG Corporation’s multiplayer battle royale PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) on PC and consoles, in addition to PUBG MOBILE. The company wants to ensure personal data protection through Azure through the verification process to ensure that the storage of personally identifiable information of its players follows all appropriate requirements in the territories where ‘KRAFTON' and its subsidiaries operate gaming services. Thus want the relevant software in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.