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CanadaWebHostingThe Canada Host company offers a variety of hosting services: Linux based hosting, Windows based hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting. This web hosting company was founded several years back and has its headquarters in Canada with two data centers in Toronto and another in Vancouver.


The company up holds a good reputation in the web hosting industry especially in terms of its hosting speed thus very reliable hosting services. Since it was founded several years back, the company has been able to maintain its reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy web host in Canada and even other parts of the world.


The company offers their clients two basic hosting plans, the CA Value hosting plan and the CA pro hosting plan. The first plan does not come with a dedicated IP address but the CA pro hosting plan comes with a dedicated IP address. On both of these hosting plans, clients are entitled to get unlimited band width, disk space and add on domains. Both plans also support various programming languages such as PHP 5, Perl,Python, MySQL, Cron jobs, CGI and SSI. On top of that, both hosting plans come with a 60 day money back guarantee in case of a dissatisfied customer along with great customer care and technical support and sub domains, parked domains, FTP support among others. Better yet, clients are not expected to sign any contracts or commitments and are not charged any set up fees. The features that the company offers vary depending on the type of hosting that a client chooses to use from the company. The company further has SSL certification and is PCI certified.


The company performs quite well in terms of hosting services that they offer their clients. Their data centers are well equipped with state of the art technology servers. It also offers clients a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9% thus ensuring that their customers web sites are running throughout the day and night. The technical team and customer care team are also very quick in responding to the various needs of their clients regardless of what time it is day or night. Overall the company's hosting speed is outstanding, it is lightning fast to say the least and so with the high quality and powerful equipment and the lightning fast speed, their hosting can only be very well performing.

Customer service

Clients can reach the customer care desk at any given time of the day or night for their problems. The technical support team is also reachable throughout is is very responsive when dealing with their clients technical difficulties. A 60 day refund in case of dissatisfaction with the company's services goes along way is putting clients at ease with the company's hosting services.


CanadanWebHosting offers clients a guaranteed network up-time of up to 99.9 %thus their servers around the world are always up and running. On top of that the customer care support team and technical support team are very responsive when dealing with any difficulties that their clients may be undergoing. The best thing about the company's hosting is the speed of their hosting services coupled with the outstanding reputation that the company holds in the industry.

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