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Company Introduction

caronetThe Caro net web hosting company is a hosting company that is located in Charlotte, North Carolina in the U.S. Caro net was started back in the year 1995 and up to date has been able to maintain a position among the leaders in the hosting industry. This company offers hosting solutions to various people in the industry, game developers and many others. Furthermore, this web host operates from three state of the art data center facilities which are located in Charlotte, North Carolina.


This company holds a great reputation in the hosting industry as a web host that caters to the high demand application hosting, advanced hosting and streaming needs of their various clients. On top of that, the Caro net web hosting company is held in high esteem when it comes to powerful and quality hosting services. Their reliability and stability along with network up time, speed and customer support are also exemplary.

Plan Features

Caro net web hosting company is well known throughout the industry for offering powerful and feature rich hosting services coupled with excellent customer support and technical support for their clients. The company further offers a variety of features ranging from VPS and managed solutions along with co-location. Some of the processors that the company uses in their dedicated server hosting include the Xeon, Opteron, Conroe and Wood crest processors. All these are the most preferred processors in the industry. In their private hosting facilities, the company specializes especially in offering co-location facilities. Their hosting in exemplary in the industry with excellence in all the hosting services that the company offers, from network up-time to hosting speeds, customer care, reliability and even pricing. Their network up time is furthermore undisputed at almost 100% and their reliability is definitely assured with that alongside excellent hosting speed and outstanding customer and technical support.


In the 3 state of the art data facilities that the company operates from, there are the latest equipment in the hosting industry that ensure that quality and power in performance is maintained in the company's hosting services. Thanks to these equipment and their state of the art data centers, the company's hosting is second to none and more so is perfect for advanced hosting streaming and on demand application hosting services. Their network up time and hosting speed are the best show of how well the company's hosting performs.


The company's hosting services are extremely reliable with a guaranteed network up time of up to and great hosting speeds which ensure that their hosting is very stable and reliable. The customer care team and the technical support team are also very key in ensuring that the company' hosting is excellent as they play their part in looking after their clients' needs.

Support/Customer Support/ Service

The technical support team at the company is very responsive when dealing with clients technical difficulties while at the same time the customer care desk can be reached throughout the year, regardless of what time of day or night it is. On top of that, the customer support team can either be reached via telephone or live chat to deal with clients problems.

Caro Net offers efficient Co-location, Dedicated, VPS and Managed solutions. The have the packages lined up with the yearly pricing with each of the specifications. Xeon, Opteron, Conroe and Woodcrest are the different kinds of processors that run your dedicated accounts.

Caro Net specializes in co-location and hosting in its private facilities. Caro Net owns and operates three state-of-the-art data-centers in Charlotte, North Carolina, offering complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.

Features : What do you get? Cloud Managed Cloud
24x7x365 Help Desk Support Yes Yes
24x7x365 Monitoring Server Up-time Yes Yes
30 minute guaranteed ticket response time Yes Yes
Data-Center With Redundant Electrical|HVAC|Network Yes Yes
On-Demand Self-Service Provisioning Yes Yes
Remote Hands Yes Yes
24x7x365 Monitoring Server OS/Services No Yes
Network up-time guarantee 99.99% 99.99%

Let's take a view of the Cloud Hosting plans present at Caro net

Charged Item Units Price Per Unit
CPU Units 1 Core $6.00 /month
Memory 1 Gigabyte $15.00 /month
Disk Storage 1 Gigabyte $0.35 /month
Bandwidth Outbound 1 Gigabyte $0.15 /month
Bandwidth Inbound 1 Gigabyte $0.00
Cloud Server Backup 1 Gigabyte $0.18
Extra IP Addresses 1 Address $0.25

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