Latest News And Web Hosting Review NetworkSolutions

Company Overview

Websites hosted by Network Solutions are mostly designed by templates. A template is a layout for the website. This is an integral part as it looks after the designing element of website. The content is kept separate from the designing so the website is very easy to manage. The templates will allow the user to customize the website. The templates offer a lot of options when it comes to fixing the colour scheme or the fonts that are to be used. Network solutions lend their services to various websites. From big businesses houses to small or medium businesses houses use the web hosting services provided by the company.


Ever since the company has started, it has gone from strength to strength and has managed to build a good customer base for itself. Initially the company started out pretty small but today the picture is quite different. Network solutions have become one of the biggest web hosting service providers in the world.


Other than the technical features, the service provider gives the customers coupon codes so that they may be able to use the services of the company at affordable rates without any hesitation. This is one of the reason why people from all over the world sign up with this company. The coupons are provided for domains of a certain kind. The coupons are given to customers who want to use the services of Network solutions in bulk for a fixed price. Reseller servers, dedicated servers and multiple domain names are some of the features that users get from this service provider. However these promo codes are given to the customers for a limited time period.


Performance wise this service provider is absolutely flawless. The service provider gives the customer maximum uptime so that the customers can work smoothly. Customers have left positive feedback on the website of Network solutions. The company is highly reliable and provides fast services to the customers.

Customer service

The Service provider gives strong customer service at all times. If a particular customer faces technical problems; he or she can get in touch with the company right away and solve the problem within a limited time period. The company issues discount coupons to get people to start using the services provided by the company. The service provider gives SSL certificates along with many other services at very reasonable rates to the customers. People from all sections of society use the services of this service provider as the rates are very reasonable thanks to the coupons that are available. The service provider also provides customized services to the customers depending on their personal needs.  This service provider is perfect for those customers that are looking for fast services at a very reasonable price. The company provides prompt  services to the customers round the clock.

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Latest News And Web Hosting Review One-Com

Company Overview

Hosting Review One-ComIf you want to start using the services of and you are looking for an honest review; well you are certainly in the right place. This review will tell you everything you need to know about the service provider in detail. So you can then decide if you wish to hire the services or not.

Services provided by

When it comes to the services that are provided to the customers; the company has plenty to offer to the customers. The company charges €6.57 per month and gives the customers thousands of MB in terms of disk space. Daily backups, multiple email accounts and unlimited bandwidth are some of the services provided by the company. You also have access to all the tools that you could possibly need to look after the


The company started out in the year 2002 and since then the company’s sole ambition was to provide simple yet flexible services related to web hosting. These services are so user friendly that both beginners and experts will have fun using them. The company always tries to provide competitive prices and reliable services to the customers. The company today's customer base is more than 700,000 .

Customer services

The customer services provided by the service provider is not bad at all. Some customers may complain because there is no support available when it comes to a telephone. However the email support and online chat support are available at all times of the day. The service provider also has a frequently asked questions section on their website that may be helpful to the customers. The customer support is available in Swedish, Norwegian, French and Dutch, Danish and English. So customers based in Europe will benefit quite a bit from the services on


The company guarantees that the customer’s website will be up at all times; the company has proved that by charging low prices  it can still provide excellent services. The company provides high level of security to the owners at all times. In case of crisis the company takes immediate action to protect the client’s website under any circumstances. The control panel is very easy to handle, it is very useful if you have one or more website hosted by the company using the control panel you can keep a track of them all at once.


Well there is nothing much to debate about the company’s reputation; as mentioned earlier the company has already proved itself worthy of being a respectful web hosting company that is most likely to be on everyone’s recommendation list. The company has worked very hard to find its self a place of its own in such a competitive industry. The company also tries very hard each day to improve its services that it provides to the customer. To sum it up it can be said that has become one of the most well known companies over the last years and has received rave reviews from everyone else including the press.

Latest News And Web Hosting Review Superb-Net

Company Overview

Hosting Review Superb-NetNow if you are consulting many websites hoping to come across a review on, the chances of finding an honest one is very less. The purpose of this review is to give you an honest picture about the various web hosting services provided by

Services provided

The company provides 1to1 hosting services and as an add on you also get a free website builder that permits you to construct a website in three easy steps. So now you see that you do not have to pay a web designer tons of money to design a website. uses plesk control panel to manage the website in a simple fashion.  This kind of control panel is so easy to use that any person can use this without any hesitation. Now this service provider has various price plans so people with various budgets can avail the services. It does not matter if you want to go for a shared server or a VPS this company has it all. The service provider allows all of their customers to perform all their web hosting activities using a windows platform. All services are provided with sufficient disk space and limitless traffic.

Profile of the Company

The company has been around since 1996. So you see that the company has been trying to provide web hosting services the same time the internet was invented. The company started out with limited capacity back then but today it managed to build an impressive customer base. The company worked really hard in solving all the technical problems in the past and providing the customers with flawless services.

Good Customer Service

This service provider gives excellent customer service; you will rarely come across a customer that has faced issues with this company. Most service providers promise their customers 99% uptime but is the first company that gives 100% uptime. As a customer you do not have to worry about the price as the company has services fit enough for any budget. The company also provides customized packages for customers. This is something that is well appreciated by the customers.

Company’s Performance

The company’s performance has been flawless so far. The services of this company are so good that users recommend this company very often. However to be absolutely sure you should do some research on the internet. The company refunds money to those customers who are not satisfied with the services of the company in anyway. It is very rare to come across a company that is excellent at all levels. This particular service provider gives strong and stable web hosting services through excellent customer support.

Reputation of the Company

This service provider has already made quite a reputation for its self. When the company started out it was pretty small and offered limited services but today it has become noticeable company. The company worked really hard in improving its services by solving all the technical problems that it would face.

Latest News And Web Hosting Review Coolhandle

Company Overview

Hosting Review CoolhandleThe internet is a pretty cool place to find almost anything you want but however if you are looking for Coolhandle review then you should know that there are websites that have various opinions on the company and at the end of the day it can leave you very confused. So this article was written with the sole purpose of clearing all you confusion so that you can judge whether you want to sign up with this company or not.

Services provided to the customers

The company offers pretty cool services in to the customers. The company has three plans that the customer can choose from. The pro plan, business plan and starter plan which are priced at $12.95, $10.95 and $4.95 per month respectively. These are the current prices in the market; to keep an eye on the price changes you will need to keep checking the official website to stay updated.

In addition to the great prices the customers also get a number of cool services such as unlimited disk space, unlimited  bandwidth, a domain name for free, site builder tools for free and unlimited FTP accounts. The users are also given features such as web based email and spam mail assassin.

E-commerce website owners will find the services very useful as they will be provided with PGP Encryption, SSH Access, Shared SSL, Shop Site and os Commerce. The users are also provided with certain software plugins such as MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Mailing List, PHP Nuke, Python, PHP5, Perl5, coppermine, Image galleries, message forums, fantastic, Simple script, Java script and Ruby on rails.

Company profile

The company was taken over by ProNetHosting 2010; the company is managed by a team of experts. Coolhandle was started in the year 2001 by a team of enthusiastic IT professionals. The company was started with the intention of changing the face of the webhosting industry. Even today when the company has become a household name  it still strives to satisfy its customers to the 100% mark.


So far the performance of this company is quite good but if you are serious about signing up with this company be sure to do a little research on your own. The customers may make payments using their credit cards or Paypal accounts. The company offers a full refund on a 30 day basis.


When the company started out not too many people knew of the company but slowly and steadily the company worked its way in to the minds of the customers by providing reliable web hosting services on a regular basis. Once the company found a target market there was no looking back. Today the company has become one of the highly recommended companies and has secured a safe position on everyone’s list. The company has worked really hard in building a strong reputation for itself without any doubt. So go through the tips mentioned in the review and you should have no trouble in hiring the services of the company.

Latest News And Web Hosting Review LittleOak

Company Overview

This review is written with the purpose of educating you on the web hosting services of Little Oak and whether you should hire the services of the company. You may try to locate websites on the internet that have reviews on this company but they express mixed opinions which may confuse you.

Plethora of services

The company provides hosting services that utilize state of the art technology. The service provider promises the clients 99% uptime. The company also helps to improve the visibility of your website so that it gets a good rank in the search engine results. The services provided by the company are extremely user friendly and the service provider lets you use an affiliate program that allows you to earn a little extra money. Ruby on rails, MySQL5 and PHP, B2Evolution,Joomla and WordPress are some of the other  are given to the users. Chestnut Cloud Pro, Habitat Cloud pro and sapling cloud are some of the hosting plans provided by the service provider.

Let us look at the plans in detail.

Chestnut Cloud pro
The user gets free live support, disk space of 50GB and bandwidth of 50GB all at a price of $320 annually which is not expensive at all.

Habitat cloud pro
This plan offers a disk space of 5 GB, a bandwidth of 50GB in addition to live support which is free of cost. The cost of this package is $160 per year.

Sapling cloud
In this particular plan the customer is entitled to a disk space of 5 GB a band width of 50 GB and the customer is charged $80 per year.

These are the current prices; to learn more about the plans you could log on to the website of the company

Profile of the company

Little Oak is situated in a place called Torrance which in California; the company was started in 2007. Since then the company has been providing reliable services to clients. The services provided by the company are highly compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. The company started out as a small family business with limited services but today the company has built a loyal customer base. The services are very user friendly and highly affordable.

Customer services

Here is a list of the customer service provided by the company.

  • Provides regular nightly backups
  • Filters all viruses and Spam
  • Webmail, Imap,PoP3
  • Ruby, MySQL, PHP
  • Control panel that is very Mac friendly
  • The equipment used is of the best quality
  • The customers are given steady technical support round the clock.
  • The website of the customers experience 100% uptime
  • The services are highly reliable
  • The customers experience personalised services.

Company’s Performance

If you really want to know about the performance then you should carry out some comparative study before you sign up with this company.


As mentioned earlier the company started out really small but to day the company has proved that it too can rub shoulders with the giants of web hosting by providing reliable services to the customers.