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GreenvilleHost in Now Owned by Webhostingpad

greenvillehostGreenvilleHost is an US-based web host, founded in 2008 by group of Environmental Eco Friendly Shared Hosting Provider.

here hosting industry veterans, aiming to offer the market Green Hosting.

Company set out to deliver the best Eco-friendly web hosting at affordable prices which gives savings on energy costs to customers. GreenvilleHost serves its customer by providing a safe, reliable and efficient process to create an Internet presence.

Besides this, company is fairly experienced and their team consists of huge knowledge so in any type of calamity industrial experts are there to take care of servers.

Why GreenvilleHost consider to be one of the best Eco-friendly Hosting site??

Company's plans are on Linux Platform and all shared hosting plans only, qualitative as there is almost negligible downtime in last 5 years , affordable at $1.99 month and ofcourse ecofriendly Environment.

  • Conserving energy, going paperless and running energy efficient servers.
  • It eliminates negative impact on environment
  • Company Host powers their servers with 200% wind energy and offer high quality equipments
  • The use of renewable energy credits

Goodwill Of Company

Company has been able to maintain its goodwill with quality throughout by offering great customer care and support.

They also have feature-rich services which are designed to attract users by giving them uptime of 99.75%.


If we talk about popularity, there are around 3,596 famous webhosting companies where GreenvilleHost ranked 684 as a Hosting Companies but number one green web hosting company till 2012. Note: – (This data is based on the estimated number of visitors of GreenvilleHost Host's Website).

Company provides website on the internet world with easy and best solution and make the clients happy around the globe.

Core Features

Company provides unlimited web hosting plan with the economical price $3.9/ month plus offering discount through coupon code and website homepage.

Lets check out the great features

  • It offers cpanel web hosting for customers and deliver a superior web hosting experience.
  • This hosting is 200% green with certified energy credits
  • Company provides facility of 30 day money back guarantee and web reporting tools
  • It is U.S. based award wining customer service
  • Quality, dependable, cutting edge equipment and servers which eliminates negative impact on users.
  • Offers huge script library , lots of application, dedicated options, e-commerce features, backup solutions for the users
  • User can enjoy these benefits without any hidden fees.

Apart from these great features, Comapny has some common feature too which satisfied the users completely.

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • MySQL database
  • Sub domains
  • FTP accounts
  • 24*7 customer support and lot more .

E-mail features

  • Mailing lists
  • Spam assassin
  • Mail forwarding
  • E-mail alias
  • Auto responders etc.


GreenvilleHost Aims to provide quality services. Through these major features of GreenvilleHost hosting which gives full satisfaction to the users before choosing this hosting.


Company's up tile is just great which is a plus as users do not have to experience any down time and websites are running all throughout the day.

Moneyback Policy:

In case the company's performance does not suit the client’s needs before 90 days, money back guarantee (FUP: Fare Usage Policy) by the comapny to refund unhappy users.

Technical Support:

If we talk about technical support, it has a very good and professional support team and can get them through

  • Toll-Free Phone i.e (877)998-4678 (average answer time 56 seconds )
  • Email Support: (average response time 22 minutes)


Users can get data backed up on a daily basis to ensure that it is secure just in case of anything. As customers safety and do not lose their work, servers can be easily replaced in the event of disastrous situation without having to expand a large amount of resources and the hosting company as well.


This shows that GreenvilleHost care about their customers.

Areas of Improvement

unfortunately like other hosts, company do not find live chat, community forum, FAQs, international phone number.

Reasons to Choose GreenvilleHost Hosting
Company always offers cheapest plans.

Real Cost Of hosting Plans

  • 12 month plan – 3.99$/month
  • 24 month plan- 2.99$Month
  • 36 month plan- 1.9$/month

Means if you pay for 3 years in upfront then it will cost 1.99 but that is not at all a bad deal


GreenvilleHost Website Hosting is excellent for web hosting. The control panel is easy to use and reliability is superb. For $1.99 per month with two year plan, user will not find a better web host particularly for the low price they are offering.

Note :- Currently all the new accounts are created on webhosting No doubt it is the cheapest web hosting provider ! but still are they following the path of Green Web hosting?

Will be answered shortly.

If you have any update regarding this ,do share in the comment box.

Top Web Hosting Provider Around The World

Top Web Hosting Provider best suited for your business website

Web Host provides service which allows an organization, company or individual to host a site on Internet on servers.

Top Web Hosting Provider around the World

Top Web Hosting Provider

  • a one-stop destination for all the hosting related services
  • handles all the technical issues
  • Updates servers and imply security systems to protect websites from the cyber criminals, malware, and viruses.
  • Provide free SSL certificate for encrypting data transmitted to and from the website
  • Provide tools for domain search, site-builder, scripts which include CMS

Type of Hosting Services Offered by Top Web Hosting Provider

Shared Hosting or Virtual Hosting: Hosting numerous websites on a server sharing resources

Dedicated Hosting: Resources devoted to single client

If you are looking for the Top 10 best web hosting providers around the world, your search ends right here. There are thousand s of companies providing web hosting solutions worldwide. Every of them claims to be the best. Do the are? If you need a web hosting provider that deliver quality services, you need to take care of quite many aspects. But can they all provide excellent service, possibly not? Here is the list of the Top web hosting provider around the world.

People typically grind to a halt whereas choosing an excellent web hosting service. However, you ought not to worry concerning this as we tend to measure right here to assist you. Here gift you with the list of prime ten best web hosting firms within the world:

Review Top Web Hosting Provider

 1. Best Hosting Provider around the World: Bluehost

Bluehost could be a company renowned for its quality web hosting services. So it's the primary place on our list. The corporate is providing its services since 1996, and they measure on the highest of best web hosting firms. An essential Bluehost account values around $6.95 per month. Bluehost is thought for its wonderful server time, fantastic client support, unlimited services like unlimited disk service, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts and lots more.

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2. Best Hosting Provider around the World: could be a new name within the web hosting arena. However, it's created its ground in a short span of your time. Presently the corporate is in third place on our list of prime ten best web hosting firms within the world. could be a reliable web hosting supplier that provides top-notch and cheap web-hosting services. The corporate started their business in 2008. In an exceedingly short span of time, they grew staggeringly.

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3. Best Hosting Provider around the World:

Hostmonster could be a massively acknowledged name in web hosting the world. The most goal of this company is to produce top of the range web hosting service to its customers. The most active part of their services is that if your server fails as a result of power cuts or the other reason, they instantly switch your account to alternative server or clusters you with another shared group. It keeps your web site running seamlessly.

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4. Best Hosting Provider around the World: star in web hosting world started in the year 1999. The corporate has currently become an enormous organization with over a hundred and ten thousand purchasers hosting over 470,000 sites. They’re renowned for his or her exceptional client support. One best purpose is that they assign a private support agent to every shopper whereas sign on. They continually provided 99.9 % time.

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5. Best Hosting Provider around the World: Godaddy

Godaddy is nice web hosting that hosts fifty-five million domain names. Godaddy provides helpful services of web hosting, therefore, stay on the top-10 list. Their servers set in the most countries.

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6. Best Hosting Provider around the World: iPage

iPage was born in 1998. Their latest stats show iPage had over 1.5 million domains beneath their shadow and provided hosting services for over one million individual websites.

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7. Best Hosting Provider around the World: DreamHost

Dreamhost is a renowned web hosting company. They aim at providing quality services with cheap plans. The one amongst the oldest web hosting company and are at ninth spot on our list of prime ten best web hosting firms within the world.

8. Best Hosting Provider around the World: InmotionHosting

The Company came into existence in 2001. They aim at providing 100% client satisfaction as they supply quality and reliable web hosting services. They even claim to convey a refund, once not glad about services.

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9. Best Hosting Provider around the World: Hostgator

Hostgator is one amongst the large names in web Hosting trade, and it's on the second place on our list. Hostgator provides super stable service and friendly client support. The corporate has the credit of hosting over eight million domains.

So if you would like to settle on an internet hosting supplier for your web site, you'll contemplate on top of the list of prime ten Best web Hosting firms within the World.

Top Discount Web Hosting Companies

Discount Web HostingThe word ‘discount’ doesn’t have to be synonymous with ‘low quality.’ We’ve cut through the fluff to bring you cheap web hosting companies that really offer a good value. Take a look at our top 10 discount hosting company picks.

Discount Web Hosting: HostPapa

Don’t you just love the name of this company? HostPapa is 100% green, too, so you can feel really good about signing up with HostPapa. The company uses green energy to power everything from desktop computers to web servers. If you’re all about saving the environment (and why shouldn’t you be?), this is the hosting company for you.

Discount Web Hosting: iPage

The impressive thing about iPage is that this company offers a wide range of hosting options. As one of the oldest companies out there, iPage is a completely safe bet.

Discount Web Hosting: HostGator

Can you believe that HostGator began in a dorm room? That was back in 2002. Now, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, and HostGator is easily one of the most popular web hosting companies out there. In 2008, this company was even named ‘fastest growing hosting company,’ and that’s saying something, since there are tons of hosting companies out there. Excellent customer service coupled with amazing packages is what brings HostGator so many clients!

Discount Web Hosting: HostMonster

First there was gator, now there’s monster! HostMonster was launched back in 1996 (so, actually, the monster did come before the gator!). Hosting packages with tons of features are what you’ll find with this hosting company. Plus, HostMonster offers really great low pricing options that are tough to beat.

Discount Web Hosting: BlueHost

We often recommend BlueHost on this site, and that’s because BlueHost has been around since 1996  – that’s quite a while for a hosting company! Plus, BlueHost is ranked at the top of the hosting field, so that’s something that you can put your trust in too. Great customer service coupled with fantastic uptime is what you’ll get with BlueHost.

Discount Web Hosting: HostMetro

HostMetro is entirely U.S.-based from the support team to the location of the hosting company (Illinois). With more than 50 years in the business, HostMetro is one company that knows its way around hosting packages, problems, and solutions.

Discount Web Hosting: FatCow

FatCow is a funny name for a really great hosting company. Based in New Mexico, FatCow brings reliable and affordable web hosting to small businesses and individuals alike. Plus, FatCow is known for incredibly friendly customer service, so, yeah, it’s kind of hard to beat!

Discount Web Hosting: GoDaddy

Who hasn’t heard of GoDaddy? Sure, the hosting company has had its share of scandal, but that doesn’t mean that GoDaddy isn’t the company you want to sign up with. Tons of great hosting plans, email service, both virtual and dedicated server options, and many other features and packages are available from GoDaddy – check them out!

As you can see, there are a ton of great and cheap web hosting companies out there. You don’t have to break the bank in order to get a package that you can afford and also comes with what you want. Make sure to compare packages to find the best one available to you, and you’ll see exactly why these companies are on our list! Need more help? Just ask!

6 Web Hosting Terms of Service to Know

Web Hosting Terms of Service

We’ve explained the importance of reading through Terms of Service (TOS) before on this site. But, there are some terms that are difficult to understand at the start. So, we thought we’d bring you eight of the most important hosting terms to know. This way, you can find these terms in your contract, understand what’s included and not included, and speak to a web hosting company rep with a bit of knowledge in your back pocket. Sound good?

Here we go!

Provided Terms of Service

This is one of the best places to look when you’re searching for the terms that were promised to you by a hosting company. This section of your contract may also be called ‘Scope of Service’ or something else, but it’s definitely there! Inside of this portion of your contract, you will see all of the details of your contract. If the package that you have purchased includes details that are not listed here, make sure to contact your web hosting company.

Some companies write very specific details in this section while other companies keep things vague. For your benefit, it’s best if you can get a company to include those specifics that will make or break a contract. This ways, you can go back to this section and point out your agreed upon details if something goes wrong.

Content Rules

Terms of ServiceThis is a really important term to know and understand, so make sure to read this section very carefully. You see, Google will ban a website if that site does not abide by content rules. As such, a web hosting company may also ban a site that does not abide by Google rules. In addition, some hosting companies have very specific rules (such as no spam, etc.) that you must follow. If something is listed in this section of your contract, but you ignore that section and violate the content rules, your site can be shut down – and you won’t have any recourse.

Payment Terms of Service

Is there anything more important than knowing how a company will extract payment? If there’s one section of a contract that you can’t miss, it’s this one. Some companies will automatically withdraw payment on the same day each month. Other companies will take payment on different days, and others may automatically renew your subscription if you do not stop the payment. So, make sure that you pay attention to payment terms. Otherwise, you may be caught entirely by surprise.

Upgrade Terms of Service

Most web hosting companies are pretty flexible when it comes to upgrading. If you need more space, this isn’t usually an issue. But, just make sure to read about upgrading terms of service. There might be fees listed here that you didn’t know about or consider, and that’s never a good thing.

Downgrading Terms

Companies don’t want you to downgrade mid-contract because that means that you will be paying less per month. So, you may be slapped with a fine for downgrading mid-term. Or, your company may be cool about this and let you downgrade. Either way, make sure that you understand this section completely before you make a switch.

Authentication Terms of Service

Let me put this to you straight: you can’t lie about who you are, where you are located, or other personal details. A hosting company has the right to ask you about this information, and you have to tell the truth. That’s simple enough, right? Should you decide to violate these terms, your contract can be suspended, and that will result in a shut down website.

Why Know These Terms of Service

Sometimes web hosting companies shut down sites for no good reason. When this happens, it’s really comforting to have a contract on your side with clearly outlined terms of service that you understand – and have agreed upon. If your hosting company tries to pull a fast one on you, you will have these terms to back up your concerns. Of course, the opposite is also true.

Should you misunderstand a term or violate a term, your hosting company can shut down your site. When this happens, you will be directed to your contract to review the terms that you agreed upon. Whether or not you understand the terms is up to you, and it’s your legal obligation to check with the company you’re working with if you don’t understand something.

Sure, all of that fine print can be confusing, but it’s really important that you go through these terms and completely comprehend everything. Questions? Need help understanding terms? Just ask! And, make sure to check out web hosting company stats at

Restricted or Capped Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited Web HostingYou’ve signed up for unlimited hosting only to find out that your plan comes with a bunch of caps and restrictions  – not so “unlimited” after all. This isn’t a fun thing to discover in the midst of a hosting contract. Typically, those restrictions are buried in the middle of a massive hosting contract, and most people never bother to read those contracts. So, technically, the hosting company did warn you (not fair, I know).

What if you reach a restriction limit? What happens then?

Unlimited Web Hosting: What to do When Your Limit Has Been Reached

If that sneaky limit has been reached, you will get a notice from your hosting company stating that you have reached the cap. Once this happens, you will have to pay extra. But, it gets a lot more complicated than this.

Let’s look at the hosting jargon for “your account isn’t as limited as you think.”

User policy pages often state that “you can use all resources available to you, but you cannot cause issues to others that use the same server.” Hmm.

Here the word “unlimited” loses its shine.

You need to take care of website optimization, so that it does not pound CPU, hog RAM or do tons of I/O disk operations. No host is going to allow this whether its plans are limited or unlimited. Every host hopes from their customers to use minimum bandwidth, disk space, memory, CPU, and file system. That’s the reality of it all. It’s not a great reality, but it exists all the same.

Unlimited Web Hosting: Should You Know Better?

Hosting companies will argue that anyone using their services is aware of the term “unlimited shared hosting plan.” As such, those that sign up for this plan should know that many different clients use the same server. Companies will also argue that only 0.01% of users actually reach the limit and that any site that does reach this limit should be moved to a dedicated hosting package instead.

Websites that reach these very high limits are often generating a lot of good traffic due to a good site design and good content, or (and this is often the case) a site is set up as a spam site. Most hosting plans do satisfy 99.99% of customers, though.

Unlimited Web Hosting: Insurance Policies

Clearly, the term “unlimited” is used to a hosting company’s discretion. Some companies have caught onto the fact that a few clients will reach the limit, and, thus, are offering hosting insurance. These insurance policies state that a site won’t be suspended – even after a site has reached higher than permitted usage levels. This may give some users protection against unfair caps, but it will add onto your hosting bill.

Important Terms to Understand

Unlimited web hosting can be a really good idea for some companies, but there has to be an understanding between hosting companies and clients first. Some points that every hosting company should adjust or make clearer include:

  • Hosting accounts can’t be used for storage purposes. Using a hosting account for storage purposes can lead to packed disks. This is why some companies only allow clients to store files that are linked to a website. Or, a limited amount of possible storage should be set up.
  • Customers must be aware of hosting violations. Anyone that violates a hosting term can have a website shut down.
  • Copyright material should not be distributed without proper licenses.
  • Customers should have the right to put anything they see fit on a site – but it is a customer’s problem if a site is shut down.

Some companies already have these policies in place, but others do not. It is vital that you understand the terms set forth by your hosting company, and that you realize that some hosting companies are not going to spell everything out for you. I know it’s a hassle, but make sure to read that fine print. When a company offers “unlimited” shared hosting, know that this really means there is, in fact, a cap on an allowed amount – find out what that cap is, and try not to cross it.

A site that almost busts the limit is a good thing (if you are not spamming!), but just make sure that your site is moved to a dedicated hosting package when you start to get lots of hits – or, make it simpler on yourself, and start with a dedicated hosting option! Check out to see what kinds of stats the hosting company you have in mind showcases!