Company Introduction

ReputationbyetThe Byet web hosting company was started several years back in a bid to enter the hosting market as yet another hosting provider. The Byet company seeks to offer both free and paid hosting services, whichever the client prefers. They offer hosting services such as both free and paid reseller hosting services, dedicated server hosting, premium hosting, e-mail hosting, domain registration, and also VPS hosting. The company has steadily grown in the web hosting industry but is yet to compete with the big names in the industry. The company's physical location is in central Ohio in the United Sates of America.

The offer outstanding customer care support along with free technical support from their expert staff so as to adequately cater for client needs. On top of that, they offer both free and paid hosting which gives clients options to choose from. More so, there hosting plans are full of great features that adequately cater for clients hosting needs.

Services Offered


The company offers various hosting services such as dedicated server hosting services, both free and paid reseller hosting services, VPS hosting services and premium hosting which ensures that clients can get all their hosting needs catered for under one roof. The company has two main hosting plans: the standard monthly hosting plan and the ultimate monthly hosting plan. Both of these hosting plans have no set up fee charged and offer an unlimited amount of disk space. The standard plan has features such as 250 GB bandwidth, 20 sub domains and add on domains, 100 e-mail addresses, free technical support and up 20 MySQL databases. The ultimate monthly plan on the other hand has unlimited access to all of the mentioned features. Both hosting plans support programming languages such as:Python, Perl, PHP 5, CGI, MySQL, PostgeSQL and Ruby on Rails and use the Fantastico script installer. Some other extra features are: Hot link protection, Cron jobs support, cURL and comes with an IP manager. The company further employs the use of a cPanel control panel which is rated to be the best control panel to use in the industry thanks to its flexibility and user friendly interface that makes it very easy to use.


The company's overall performance as a hosting service provider is okay, not too reliable however thus there is room for improvement. They offer their clients lots of features that they can choose from thus diverse hosting. They offer their clients a guaranteed network up time which ensures that client web sites are running all day long. Though their hosting is feature-rich, there have been several complains about their advertised up time and services provision.


The company employs expert staff in order to ensure that they offer clients the best web hosting services ever. More so, the company servers are usually running throughout the day and night thus ensuring that client web sites are on line all day.

Support /Customer service

The best part about hosting at the Byet web hosting company is the fact the clients of the company are entitled to free technical support from the company's expert staff along with 24/7/365 customer care support. This is done in order to ensure that the company' s clients are well catered for thus happy.

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