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spamhaus Spam Support ISPsEvery so often, we like to bring you lists of the best and worst things from around the web. We often tell you all about the best hosting companies that we've found and reviewed, but it's rare that we tell you about the worst companies out there.

Recently, the '10 Worst Spam Support ISPs' were ranked by spam watchdog Spamhaus. These networks (according to Spamhaus) have more spam-related problems than any others, are known for sending out spam, and are on the Spamhaus blacklist. Want to know which companies come with a heaping helping of spam? Here's Spamhaus' top 5 list of worst spam support ISPs:

  1. cb3rob .net
  2. fortatrust .com
  3. chinanet-gd
  4. uplus
  5. vnn .vn

Spam Support ISPs: What Criteria Is Used?

How do certain sites wind up on Spamhaus lists? For this particular list, Spamhaus ranked these sites according to known spam issues related to each site. The ones at the top of the list reported the greatest number of issues. It's best to avoid these sites altogether, but if you do find yourself on one of these sites, walk away as soon as possible.

If spam is such a problem and it is a known problem, why do sites like the ones listed above still exist? Spamhaus puts it this way: “Spam continues to plague the Internet because a small number of large Internet Service Providers sell service knowingly to professional spammers for profit, or do nothing to prevent spammers operating from their networks.” That's not good at all.

Spam Support ISPs: Working Against Spam

Many ISPs work tirelessly to get rid of spam, and most of these companies are on the anti-spam bandwagon. But, some companies simply find it too costly to get rid of spammers altogether, and these companies can make money by selling to spammers. So, it really does pay to be careful where you decide to host your site. You don't want your site to be connected to a known spam offender.

We've talked a lot about where to host your site and why choosing the right host is important, so make sure to read up on our reasoning here on this site. As always, we are available to take any questions that you may have – ask away!

Spam Support ISPs: Dropmysite

Dropmysite has announced the introduction of its new Website Blacklist Monitor service which automatically performs health checks of websites multiple times per day and issues instant alerts in the event. This service integrates Dropmysite’s award winning self-service website backup tools with Google’s Safe Browsing technology to provide customers with the fastest possible remediation process in the event and their websites are compromised by malware attacks. Monitoring is now available which is free to users to make company’s automated, secure, cloud-based website backup services which feature an easy to use dashboard and one click restoration of backed up data. Billions of website pages are monitored per day in search of unsafe websites and issued warnings against thousands of new sites daily in web browsers and search engines. Many small and medium-sized business owners are unknown about this that their website has been blacklisted until they receive a complaint from a customer and encounter a warning. Customers are alerted immediately so they can restore quickly a clean website copy with one-click feature.

Features of this service are:

  1. There are a multiple daily website checks via email or text.
  2. There is an On-demand website monitored by users.
  3. Comprehensive website blacklist monitoring history.
  4. It is a complete integration with backup services for one-click restoration of data.
  5. It supports multiple URLs within a website.

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