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In case you haven't heard, Instagram now comes with video. Recently, Instagram also introduced a way to download Instagram videos to websites. You can now effectively share any Instagram video on your website. That's a good thing if you are good at making videos (and readers love videos, so maybe you should practice if video creation isn't your thing!). Embed An Instagram Video

Best of all, putting an Instagram video on your site isn't hard to do. I've found that one of the best tools out there to assist with this task is Embed Instagram. Just as the name of this tool suggests, Embed Instagram lets you embed an Instagram photo on your site without any real trouble. Here's how you do it.

  1. Using Instagram's web service, find a video that you like or that you have created. Then, click on that video in order to generate the link for the video.
  2. Head on over to Embed Instagram, drop the link into the box, and you will have a new code.
  3. Take that code and place it on the text side of your site. Test your site page, and voila! You should see your Instagram video in no time.

Embed An Instagram Video: Legal Speak

As with any other work of art (yes, Instagram videos are considered original art!), you have to make sure that you have permission to post a video. If you've created your own video, you can post this without an issue. But, ask the owner of an Instagram video if you can post without a problem.

You may have to swap site links in return, but that's not a huge deal – and it's better than having your site shut down by that cheap hosting provider for copyrighted content! Instagram videos are a great way to engage readers by showing them something other than words.

Want us to make a video? What should it be about? Let me know in the comments, and we will see what we can do for you!

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