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pirate party NASA Free HostingThe current U.S. government shutdown is impacting government websites more than was originally assumed. One of the sites that has been shuttered is the NASA site. This is a shame, since it's NASA's 55th birthday this week.

But, have no fear, NASA, Russia is here! Well, the Russian Pirate Party, at least. The Pirate Party has offered to host the NASA site while the government is working things out. The party offered its help to NASA with a rather comical email note that's currently being shared across the Internet.

The Pirate Party Note

The aforementioned note goes something like this:

“… we would like to offer you bulletproof collocation or dedicated servers on our hosting platform till the end of the crisis…your traffic, your activity and the activity of your users will be in safety.

We love Mars!”

Because the Pirate Party loves Mars (or just wants to show the world what it's all about), the party has offered NASA its hosting services. NASA has yet to respond.

NASA Free Hosting: Russia's Privacy Policies

Russia is one of the most secure countries where Internet privacy is concerned. Many Russian web hosting companies offer complete security to clients, and the Russian government hardly ever intervenes. The Pirate Party is a serious political party within Russia, though the government does not actually recognize this party (might it be the name?).

Regardless, the Pirate Party is getting some great marketing attention just by offering the likes of NASA some web hosting security. Even though NASA employees don't actually have the power to make that hosting decision (when the government is shut down, it is meant to stay shut down until its up and running again, if you catch my drift), it's still comical that the Pirate Party has offered.

NASA Free Hosting: Sites that Are Shut Down

If you head to most government sites right now, you will probably see signs stating the the site is not up or running at the time. How long will this last? It's hard to say, but it's really putting a crimp in sites that people access regularly, like NASA. It would also be a shame if NASA's nearest birthday can't be celebrated thanks to the current shutdown.

I wonder how many other sites will receive offers from the Pirate Party? Right now, NASA is the only one that has been offered secure and free hosting from the party, but that might change soon. While not actually a possibility for most government branches, these offers are kind of comical, aren't they?

What I want to know is: have you tried to access any government sites that are currently shut down? Has this put a cramp in things that you are trying to accomplish? Let me know all about your frustrations below.

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