Pakistan First Free Web Hosting Site

pakistan free web hostingA 17-year old girl by the name of Hassan Bin Fahim has launched the first free web hosting site in Pakistan. The hosting site, BASE.PK, is unlike any other hosting company in Pakistan. Why? Because this one is completely free. Fahim's site will provide users with 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth absolutely free.

If you live in Pakistan, this might be a good free web hosting option for you. Why? Not only is it free, but BASE.PK is also one of the only hosting companies in Pakistan to offer so much to subscribers.

Free Web Hosting Site: The Plan

BASE.PK was actually thought of back in June of  year 2013, but it wasn't implemented until this month (October). The idea was formed from the realization that there are no free web hosting sites in all of Pakistan. That's a big deal, and it's the number one reason why companies in Pakistan aren't setting up shop online.

Fahim's goals are lofty ones, as she aims to help businesses in Pakistan get off the ground with free hosting. Not only is her site completely free, but she's one of the few women in Pakistan setting out to make a real difference in the Internet world. Everyone that signs up for Fahim's new hosting site will get a address, and the chance to be part of something huge.

Other Options

Hosting sites in Pakistan tend to be much more expensive than North American alternatives. This is often the case because competition is not as fierce in Pakistan, and it simply costs more to set up shop. With Fahim offering business owners a way to really get a good deal on hosting, her site may just be the end game.

Should you opt for BASE.PK if you live in Pakistan and are searching for a free web hosting option? It's definitely worth a shot. Fahim promises all of her new clients an amazing hosting experience, and we always recommend going for a cheap or free hosting site if it's an option. Just keep our free or cheap web hosting tips in mind when you decide to go for a hosting company like this one.

Some Basic Tips to Remember

  • Always read the fine print.
  • Find out what the up time is.
  • Make sure you know what you're getting with “free.”
  • See what other sites are being hosted.
  • Ask questions!

Number five on that list is probably the most overlooked. So often, people simply don't ask questions, and that's a big mistake. Since it seems like Fahim and team are ready and willing to take any questions that come, it's a good idea to start now. Who knows, you may end up part of something that could be huge in Pakistan!

Questions? Just ask!


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