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startup web hosting Pick the Right Hosting CompanyStarting up a company is exhausting – and exhilarating. Thousands of startups gain funding and build business plans every year. Only a few of those seedlings survive. What makes or breaks a startup? Surprisingly, it's not the concept of the company that will determine whether or not a startup has success.

It's all in the way that the company begins. And at the beginning of any good online company is a web host.

How do you choose one? Startups are a different breed. Here's what you need to know.

Listed below are the five ways to pick the Right Hosting Company

1. What do you need? Will your website be image or video-based? Can you survive with a simple WordPress site? Or, do you need something more customized, more sophisticated, and completely unique?

2. Do you get your own domain? This is a big one. Sure, some free and cheap web hosting sites may offer a free domain name, but you don't want http://www.mygreatcompany.nameofhost.com for your site URL! That's a bad idea.

3. How much traffic do you expect to get? We'd all love to get thousands of hits right away. If that happens, can the host that you've signed up with handle all of that traffic? Or, are you better off choosing a different host or package?

4. Associate with the right host. This one could be huge – make sure that the hosting company you choose has a good reputation. Read the reviews, talk to friends, select a company that you can count on.

5. Consider a smaller hosting option – or one that has startups in mind. Since you own a small company, you may appreciate a web hosting company that provides clients with contact names and information of customer service reps – you know, someone that you can pick up and phone and call right away if you have a problem. Smaller hosting companies may even put you in touch directly with the CEO or right tech guy, and that's service that you'll come to love.

Pick the Right Hosting Company: Don't Make This Mistake

Whatever you do, don't go with the biggest hosting company that you can find simply because that company is on the large size. Find a company that offers customized packages, better hosting options, and plenty of things that you need to get your startup off the ground.

You have more than enough to worry about when building a new company (like budgets, plans, and what the heck is SEO!), you don't need to worry about your hosting choice too.

Got a startup hosting question? Ask me! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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