Stop Google From Following YouWorried about Google? There are some ways to stop the spy – er, search giant – from tracking your every move. Alright, to be fair, Google might not be quite the villain we are making it out to be right now, but it's still never a bad idea to cover your tracks. Here's how to get Google off of your back / Stop Google From Following You.

Stop Google History

1. Head to the Google History homepage
2. Click on the small gear icon that's located on the top right of your screen.
3. Choose ‘Settings.'
4. Choose the ‘Turn Off' button.

Get Rid of Your History

After you have turned your settings off, a nice Google box will appear that lets you know you can delete your search history. Google does not do this automatically when you turn off your history, so you have to do this manually.

Click on the link that's included in that dialogue box (it's hidden in the word ‘delete,' and you can find it by hovering your mouse over that word. From there, simply ‘Delete All.' That's it – Google will now stop following you.

Why Google Collects Data

Why is Google following you to begin with? First, a lesson.

Today's Lesson: in today's Internet world, you have to ‘opt out' of everything. Nobody will ask you to opt-in to anything, and you may not even know that some things exist. But, you still have to opt-out. My advice is to always check settings no matter what you are using, and always find out if a company is collecting data. Then, simply switch that collection button off.

Now, onto why Google collects your data. It's simple, really, Google collects data because that information is then sold to advertisers. That's simple enough to understand, right? Google sells your search information to advertisers, those advertisers pay Google, and all is well. Unless, of course, you disrupt it all by turning off that tracking mechanism…

Stop Google From Following You: Another Option

If you really don't want to be tracked at all, and you are super paranoid about it, you can always turn to Tor. The Tor browser is highly secure, and there's no way that Google will follow you if you use Tor (heck, most people won't be able to follow you if you use Tor). So, that's really your most secure option.

Worried about Google following you? Want more tech or browser tips? Looking for something else to do while you are at work? Why not ask me? I'll let you know how to accomplish whatever task you have set out to do.

Do you have any other safe browsing techniques or ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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