Increasing Website Traffic? Twitter Can Help!

Increasing Website Traffic? Twitter Can HelpYou know how hard it is to drum up new visitors for your cheap hosting site. You've added a blog, started a Facebook business page, and even marketed your site locally. But have you explored Twitter as another marketing tool?

Twitter is a fantastic way to bring targeted traffic to site, one of the best options that exist on the Internet. However, before you get started tweeting the days away, you need to assure your cheap hosting provider is able to handle the added traffic coming in thanks to your newfound marketing efforts!

The Relationship Between Twitter And Your Blog

You have a blog, and as such, need a way for people to subscribe. Feed burner is an easy tool to get people subscribed, and a great way to start is to email existing customers and contacts asking them to subscribe.

Put your email account to work, telling people of this new subscription feature. When they are subscribing, they receive emails with new blog posts featuring a Facebook ‘Like' button and ‘Retweet' button. When they read these blog posts and find the information valuable, all they need to do is click that little ‘Retweet' button. Now, your post is visible to their friends and colleagues on Twitter, bringing in (you guessed it!) new blog subscribers!

Increasing Website Traffic? Twitter Can Help!: What To Tweet

News is huge. Most of the time, news is reported on Twitter before it reaches the media. People can search for tweets by keyword (which is nice because people who are actually interested in a keyword relating to your website will see it), and you can use Twitter's ‘trending topics' feature to find direction for future blog posts.

While networking and getting the word out about your brand is a great way to get your website noticed, Twitter is one of the best ways to push traffic towards your website.

Great Ways To Push Traffic To Your Website And Blog With Twitter

Post an offer on Facebook and then tweet the offer a few times each day. Tweets don't stay up very long (the average lifetime of a tweet is a mere 30 seconds) so frequent tweeting of these offers is key.

Rely on HootSuite to schedule your tweets.

Make the next tweet a little bit different from the last. Mix it up a bit, and pay attention to which tweet gets the most responses. Also, determine which tweets increase sales.

Go through your blog and tweet past articles. Aim for sharing a new article each hour.

What if you don't have a lot of blog content? You'd better get to creating some. In the interim, however, you can share articles or news you come across that's relevant to your industry.


As previously mentioned, HootSuite is a great way to automate your tweets. Other great tools are Tweet Deck and Tweet Adder. These tools allow you to tweet without being chained to your computer all day long. Take one day each week, and schedule tweets to last all week long.

Twitter Gone Wrong

Creating a Twitter account but not using it.

Don't forget to engage with your followers! If someone retweets, reach out to them. It is proven that those who engage with their readers succeed in their Twitter campaigns.

Don't tweet things that offer no value to your readers! For example, if you sell art supplies, don't tweet something related to the gas and oil industry!

Web Hosting

Before launching a campaign, you need to make sure your website can handle the added traffic. Otherwise, your site will crash and the campaign fails. No one likes a non-functional website!

Do you use Twitter? How has it improved your website traffic?

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