Two Simple Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

WordPress is the most popular blogging and website platform available. It accounts for nearly 60% of CMS used by businesses today. That's saying a lot. So, it's a big problem when WordPress sites come under attack. Lately, WordPress sites have been the target for many hackers, and tons of WordPress users are still vulnerable.
Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

If you're running a WordPress site, you'll quickly learn that hackers love WordPress. You've probably already received a ton of comments from spammers, seen what can happen if your site isn't backed up, and have fallen prey to an attack or two. What you might not know is how to stop your WordPress site from being a target. Here are some simple tips.

  1. Back it all up : I can't stress this enough. Your site may seem safe from harm, but, trust me, it's not. When your site does come under attack, you will be torn apart when all of that amazing data disappears. The only way to avoid this is to back up your site. How? This doesn't have to be hard at all.
    There are a number of WordPress plugins (like BackupBuddy that will back up your entire site). Plugins like this one copy your site from start to finish and you can keep that copy store away safely. If an attack does happen, your site will be all backed up.
  2. Be careful with comments : When it comes to WordPress, you have two comment options: allow all comments and manually approve comments, or use a comment filter plugin. I suggest the second option. Filters make life much easier when it comes to spam comments. This brings me to another point: you don't want to approve spam comments.
  3. Version Updates
    A good news is that WordPress has enabled automatic version update on their software which ensures that your CMS is always up to date.

Most common attack on WordPress is Brute Force

Recommended  And Secured WordPress Hosting Providers

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Why Spam Comments Are Bad: Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

If your site is slow, that's a very bad thing. A slow site can easily happen when third-party spammers are using your site to send traffic back to their own site. This happens when you approve a comment that's attached to a shady link. Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference too, so beware. If you simply install a spam filter, all of those bad comments will be discarded.

The other option is to disallow comments completely, but I don't recommend doing this. After all, a blog exists for the sole purpose of sharing information. If you don't let your readers share comments, what's the point of a blog? Building a WordPress site means being vulnerable, but you can put a stop to the vulnerability by making sure that your site is safe.

Got any additional WordPress security tips? Let me know below!

WordPress Hosting 101

WordPress Hosting 101

So, you're looking to start up a blog. Whether a personal blog so family can keep in touch or a business blog to share important news related to your business or industry overall, how do you start?

WordPress Hosting 101Obviously, you'll want to choose a blogging platform. WordPress is a great option. It's free, offers thousands of plugins, and provides excellent support. But what will starting up a WordPress blog require? Just as with a website, you'll need to choose a host, domain, and theme.

Here are some WordPress hosting tips to help you through the process.


You'll want to think about expected traffic, and where you want your blog to go. If you expect a large amount of traffic, either immediately or in the near future, find yourself a company that provides unlimited resources. Yes, I know they aren't truly unlimited, but you won't need to worry about bandwidth or storage. Basically, unlimited means “there is so much space available to you, you'll never fill it all up.”

There are variety of Word Press hosting companies that offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, but there are also companies that will charge you too much for too little. Beware, and be sure to research all options available to you.


Shared hosting is a good place to start, but of course you'll want to rethink this choice as your blog grows.

Shared hosting is affordable, and will allow your site to receive 15,000-20,000 visits each day. There are many sites that offer shared hosting for WordPress, typically under $10/month. Some hosting companies will offer risk-free trials. Through WordPress directly, you can receive a discount if you sign up for one of their packages. Explore all of your options before you make a decision to assure you are getting the best value.


Although WordPress is a leader in the world of blogging platforms, there are some drawbacks. Sometimes, there will be things you want to fix, but you don't have the technical knowledge to do so (it uses MySQL.) If you don't possess the proper technical skills, you'll want to go with hosting company that offers some form of live support. Do your homework prior to choosing a Word Press hosting solution to find the best service possible.

cPanel Hosting

The majority of the reputable WordPress hosting companies will offer cPanel. It is among the best scripts for WordPress hosting. You'll find companies offering cPanel hosting include custom WordPress installer or Fantastico, which aids you when installing WordPress.

WordPress Hosting 101: Additional Tips

There are plenty of other things to consider when choosing a Word Press host.

  • Stay away from free hosting entirely. The old adage “You get what you pay for” totally applies here.
  • Watch bandwidth and storage limits, and try to avoid them if at all possible.
  • Choose Linux hosting rather than Windows hosting, if at all possible.
  • Look for a hosting option that allows multiple databases.
  • Find a hosting company that will give you the power to host multiple domains rather than just one.
  • Check to see the hosting company is offering the latest versions of Phpmyadmin and MySQL.

Follow these handy Word Press hosting tips to assure your blog runs smoothly. Your visitors will thank you!

Best And Cheap WordPress Web Hosting Providers

Cheap WordPress Hosting

Best and Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers

Features – Cheap WordPress Hosting

  • A WordPress the open source Content Management System based on PHP and MySQL.
  • Features include a template system and plug-in architecture
  • The plugin extends the functionality of the website
  • Largest self-hosted powerful blogging tool used by millions of websites
  • Search Engines have special algorithms used to catalog WordPress sites

Benefits – Cheap WordPress Hosting

  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive interface to create blog posts, pages, upload images, documents, video and image galleries
  • Search engine optimised: Website owner gives title, description, and specific keywords
  • Fully customizable

Security – Cheap WordPress Hosting

  • Update with the new release: It blocks loopholes thus, preventing access of same by hackers or unauthorized users. The vulnerabilities patched to provide a secure environment.
    Enable auto core updates in wp-config.php
    define( ‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, true );
  • Regular Backups: Regular backup of wp-config.php, wp-content folder and export database or create MySQL dump.
  • Use SSL certificate i.e https website
  • Security Plugins: Install Firewall, Premium Jetpack plugin for optimal protection. Ask your Hosting provider to install config-server and Firewall on Server or VPS account.
  • Change WP Database prefix: Change the default wp_ prefix for all the database tables.
  • Folder and File Permissions: Set folder permissions to 755 and File permissions to 644.

Establishment: 2003

Review Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers

iPage Web Hosting Company

It provides WordPress hosting services to their clients from various parts of the world. This web host is the best word press hosting, provider

Cheap WordPress Hosting

with features such as free site building tools, unlimited disk space bandwidth and e-mail addresses and a lot more.


If you are looking to host a WordPress website, WebHostingPad is the ultimate choice seeing that their price starts from low as $ 1.99 each month and their WordPress hosting comes with great hosting features such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, cheap WordPress hosting themes and cheap WordPress hosting designs along with many other great features.


The company offers a variety of themes and designs. The clients can choose from when hosting their site with WordPress. They also offer cheap WordPress hosting services along with other features.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Company

It is among the web hosts in the industry who offer WordPress web hosting services. The best WordPress hosting features include: dedicated WordPress servers and Super quick one-click install. Along with around the clock technical and customer care support from their experts with crazy WordPress chops. A one-click setup, unlimited disk space, and bandwidth. Furthermore, around the clock technical and customer care support.

Bluehost Web Hosting Company

Ranked as the best and cheap WordPress hosting provider in the industry since 2005. The clients can install WordPress with just the click of a button.

Site5 Webhosting

Excellent hosting features to back up their WordPress hosting in terms of themes and designs. Clients can choose server locations globally.


Site hosting features cheap WordPress hosting themes and designs to choose from building sites or seen when blogging.

FatCow web hosting company

Reliable hosting with features to ensure clients catered with speedy hosting services, at an affordable price.

Host Gator hosting company

Excellent and reliable hosting with lots of features. The company ensures client satisfaction with the company's hosting services.

List of Top WordPress Hosting Providers on

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About WordPress Hosting

Wordpress HostingIn the world of web development WordPress don't need any introduction. It is widely used platform around the globe as a content management system for website development purpose. It saves time and energy of the web developer and made website development that much easy that even seven years old kid can create a website without any hassle on WordPress.

WordPress Hosting for Professional Websites

There was a time when people got dilemma that WordPress Hosting for only Personal or Blogging internet sites. But with time professionals even started using WordPress. Now, there is more than ten billion professional currently working on WordPress successfully. The search for the proper WordPress hosting starts here.

  • Who provides the best services as we all well aware of the role of WordPress hosting provider which is directly responsible for the performance of the commercial or non-commercial web site?
  • Web Host Reliability: A visitor can come anytime, the site must always available, there must be no downtime. The host services must be capable of facing high traffic with no issues is the expectation of everyone.
  • Then the host/ WordPress hosting plan must support PHP, My SQL, etc

Platform for WordPress Hosting

There are two options available Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting as per the analysis there is much preference is given to Linux hosting For WordPress sites by the web designers and developers as compare to windows hosting it doesn't mean there is any issue in windows hosting with WordPress the reason is they feel much secure with Linux.

Companies Featured are Top in the industry of Best WordPress hosting but there are few thing must be checked such as

Top WordPress Hosting Providers

Best and most Trusted Web Hosting Providers

The list prepared by the team of Ananova by following criteria

Company information: This is important to notice that

  • how old is the company?
  • it's reputation in the market

The best way is to look for their reviews in Google. So, you can get an exact idea that no company gets 100% satisfaction level. But by reading the review one can easily understand the true reputation of the host.

Packages offered: From different packages offered by all hosting provider, check which suits the requirement. The requirement of an individual to individual is different.

Comparison with other packages: Comparison of packages within the hosting company and with other hosting providers as well.

Price: – Always go with a plan suits to your pocket and providing the services as per the requirements. It is good to find the cheap provider. But if it comes to business or e-commerce website look for the good branded WordPress The Web hosting company.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Content Management System with Powerful features: robust, flexible, versatile and secure.

  • Best for SME's to Create an enticing and effective full-featured with professional touch website.
  • It is simple to use, efficient and cost-effective.
  • Mostly installed on general business, news, and technology sites.
  • Installed on more than a quarter of the Internet's websites.
  • Statistics show that over 28.4% percent of the top of more than one billion websites worldwide are built on WordPress.
  • 47,000-plus plugins are available to extend website capabilities to include the likes of online reservations, ticket sales, and discussion forums.
  • Tailored themes are available for a professional makeover of the website.


Other Enriched Features: Contact Form, Booking Function or E-Commerce store


WooCommerce – a WordPress E-Commerce -WooCommerce transformed the WordPress

Founder and CEO Automattic: Matt Mullenweg

Parent Company: WordPress Foundation

Upcoming WordPress 4.7 Platform

  • Encrypted transmission of data: Would require https for enhanced security and privacy
  • Enhanced developer tools and options to improve site look

Mobile-friendly framework AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

An open source technology which enables fast loading of web pages on mobile browsers. It empowers website publishers to efficiently improve speed and mobile user experience of loading pages.

WordPress Hosting Sites

price guarantee Top Ten Word Press Hosting uptime-guarantee

Top Ten Word Press Hosting Sites/Companies

There are a number of hosting companies that are regarded to be the best web hosting companies when it comes to providing WordPress hosting services. This is in terms of their hosting speeds, the stability and reliability of their hosting services, performance of the hosting services that they offer. On Ananova you will be sure to get a duly updated list of the ten leading companies when it comes to offering WordPress hosting services in the hosting industry. This list has been very carefully and keenly put together to come up with only the best. All the hosts on the list are selected based on the credibility and the reputation that they have in the hosting industry. Here is a list of the top ten hosting companies that offer the Top Ten Word Press Hosting in the industry.

Establishment: 2003


  • Largest Blogging Tool in the World, used by millions of websites.

Top WordPress Hosting Companies/Sites

Majority of business owners all over the world are scared when the words “Content Strategy” are mentioned. It appears to them like they are changing from their core business to work like a media company. WordPress is basically a content management system (CMS) application which is primarily used by bloggers and people looking to create websites. This is the main reason why most companies incorporate WordPress hosting in their hosting services for their clients. The ease of using WordPress is amazing, it is so easy that even a 7 year old child can easily use it! This easy framework that is very easy to use is one of the reasons why WordPress has gained a lot of prominence and popularity in the hosting industry.

The best thing about WordPress is that it is compatible with almost every hosting provider and on top of that has a very simple and easy to use framework. Most hosting companies recognize the importance and popularity of WordPress and thus most of them offer a easy and quick install for WordPress as a way of attracting and retaining customers.

However, there are a number of requirements that must be available in a Top Ten Word Press Hosting or in a company's hosting plan for WordPress hosting to be possible:. They include: PHP version 5.2.4 or higher, and MySQL version 5.0 or higher. Moreover, WordPress can be supported on either Windows OS or by Linux OS. Research and analysis shows that many users prefer to use Linux WordPress hosting though the Windows WordPress hosting works just as good as the latter. A web hosting company that offers  WordPress hosting services must also offer reliable hosting services, speedy hosting, secure hosting and well performing services above all. Reliability  of the web host for instance is crucial, at least 99.9% up-time as there is no specific or time that a visitor is expected to visit your site and so the website must always be online, absolutely no down time, and the website must be prepared to handle high traffic in case it occurs.

It is of great importance too that you find a WordPress Hosting options that adequately suits your hosting needs. There are Top Ten Word Press Hosting options that you can choose from: shared WordPress hosting, free WordPress hosting, VPS WordPress hosting, dedicated server WordPress hosting and Managed WordPress hosting. Shared WordPress hosting would be an excellent place for beginners in WordPress hosting to start as it is relatively cheap as compared to the other options and you will get quite a large number of visitors for a starter. However as your blog or website grows with time, you may want to upgrade and change to another WordPress hosting option,

Very many companies in the world today, regardless of whatever industry they operate in, are using WordPress hosting on their websites. Some of these companies include: CNN, Forbes, Reuters, Mashable and the New York Times among many others. According to the Alexa, up to 22% of the websites in the world today are on WordPress Hosting.

WordPress is regarded to be among the most powerful CMS applications in the world and has become very popular as a technology that is used in building websites and blogging. Its popularity has been mainly due to the endless themes and  plug-ins that the WordPress platform comes with and on top of that, they are easily customizable.

Tough there is a lot of work that is put into the building and coming up with content for a website using WordPress, there is little attention that is paid to the maintenance needs of the website. For a website that has a WordPress platform, there must be constant upgrading and maintenance of the system every now and then, especially for the safety of visitors to the site and security to the website.