Contest: Got Tech Skills? Prove It! You Could Win $1000!

ContestYou’ve read our stuff. Now it’s your time to shine! We want you to come up with a completely unique (like, really unique!) solution for webmasters. Solution to what? Anything that can help webmasters out. Things like:

  • Web hosting topics
  • Web solutions
  • Web Technology
  • IT Help and Tips

….you get the point! We are looking for the best solutions to the craziest problems or really unique ideas here, so don’t just copy something that you see on CNet.

Contest: What Will You Get?

If we like what you write, we will send you a small reward of $15 for every idea published. There’s more – if your idea beats them all by getting more than 500 shares or more, we will reward the person with the most shares a grand prize of $1000. All shares must be natural, so no cheating (we will check)!

START DATE: contest will start on August 1st and end on October 30th.  We will announce winners on our website.


We look forward to seeing what you come up with! Good luck!

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