How to Build Your Brand

google How to Build Your BrandSnagged a great cheap hosting deal? Set up a site? Got tons of readers? Now what? You have to keep pushing the envelope in order to keep that momentum going. How? It's not as tough as it seems.

The brands that manage to keep readers interested just work harder at spreading brand knowledge. Really, that's all there is to it – you don't even have to have a massive marketing budget to make it work. Here are some ways to spread the word about your brand:

How to Build Your Brand

1. Teach Something. When you were a kid, where did you get your knowledge? Parents, teachers, and adults that told you something you didn't already know were likely your sources of information as a child. Even in your adult life, you can teach others what you know. Why bother? Because, becoming a teacher means becoming an authority, and that, in turn, means gaining followers.

2. Create a contest. I have the perfect example for this step: right now, Ananova is sponsoring a contest. If you give us an amazing technical tip, we will reward you with $15 for each posted approved and posted on this site. Contests are fun, rewarding, and people like to win things – like money.

3. Reach out to a journalist. Journalists have a way with words, and know how to get those words out. If you have a story that you want to tell, reach out to a journalist and ask that person if they would be interested in telling your story. Chances are, they would. Build an image for yourself by reaching out.

4. Build a real-world presence. Sure, an online presence is a great thing, but creating a real-world presence is just as important. Let the world see you attending events, hosting industry events, and showing what you've got. Remember, people live in the real-world!

5. Go for charity. Get behind something that your company stands for. Want to help with hunger in Africa? Set up a charity. Want to back a great Kickstarter project? Why not spread the word? Doing something charitable is a great way to let people discover and learn about your brand.

Do you need help building your brand presence? Contact us, and we will provide you with helpful details. Or, ask us about that contest we are running – it's going to be a great one!

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