Anti-NSA Film Gains Attention in NYC

Anti-NSA Film Gains Attention in NYCIt might sound like the title of an old Beastie Boys song, but Fight For the Future is actually an organization that's completely against the NSA. It's more than that too. Fight for the Future attempts to inform Americans about NSA-type happenings, and the organization puts it all into easy to understand terms.

So easy to understand, in fact, that the latest effort put forward by Fight for the Future caused a lot of noise in New York's Washington Square Park last Tuesday. Why did hundreds of people gather on a cold NYC street last Tuesday in support of Fight of the Future? Evengeline Lilly had something to do with it.

A Video For All

The actress (known for her role in LOST) narrated a film that told the story of the NSA, what the NSA was doing, and why this government run organization is not beneficial. The film was projected onto the side of a massive Manhattan skyscraper, and plenty of people caught a glimpse of what Lilly and others had to say.

What was the reaction? Mostly positive. Almost everyone that gathered on the street last night was in support of protesting the NSA. The video project had been in the works for some time, and the gathering gained attention via Facebook and other social networks. Even though the turnout could have been larger, it's clear that the NSA is not wanted in the U.S.

Government Response

As with most protests that happen on New York's streets, the U.S. government didn't have anything to say about the film. Has the NSA been stopped? Not at all. Did the film generate buzz? Not so much – most press outlets didn't pick up the rally at all. So, why is it a big deal? Why am I reporting it here?

The NSA has closed down a lot of websites lately. Additionally, the overall security and privacy of online life is now on shaky grounds. Is your information secure if you use cloud hosting? Can someone easily tap into a cloud hosting service that you already use like Gmail or any given social network? If what we've seen from the NSA is any indication, the answer is that nothing you do online is safe from prying eyes.

Anti-NSA Film Gains Attention in NYC: More From Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future is hardly done when it comes to creating public awareness of the NSA. The group will likely invent additional public stunts in the future, and you can even sign up to be on the group's mailing list if you head to the main website.

Is the NSA important? Do you agree with this government organization? Will you become part of the larger group that's trying to expose the NSA's secrets? Let me know what you think about Lilly's film, the NSA, and the whole government spying issue below.

I also want to know if you think that one country is safer than another when it comes to your privacy.

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