What Shouldn't Be Sent to the Cloud?

cloud hosting Sent to the CloudCloud hosting is something that we've talked about frequently on this blog. It's also the newest thing in web hosting, and it's something that a lot of you are probably considering. But, we know that you have questions about cloud hosting too.

One of the questions that we get a lot is: should I send everything to the cloud? We also tend to get: is there anything that I can't or shouldn't send to the cloud? Let's answer those questions, so that you can feel more secure when it comes to cloud options.

What Should You Send to the Cloud?

It's safe to send most things to the cloud as long as those things aren't detrimental to your business. It's also imperative that anything sent to the cloud is completely secure. Let's get into security a bit more.

You have a company security policy, right? Well, the cloud hosting company that you are considering might not have the same policy. In fact, cloud hosts don't have to go with the policy that you have in mind. That means that you really need to check up on a hosting company's security policies before sending anything to the cloud.

Make sure that all data is encrypted, that you have access to cloud keys, and that your files cannot be accessed by anyone at any time – other than yourself or the one other person you put in charge of those files. Ok? If these things aren't put in place, don't send those sensitive files to the cloud – and even then, don't send sensitive files that haven't been backed up to the cloud.

What Shouldn't Be Sent to the Cloud?

If you have some data that would ruin your company were it discovered, don't send it to the cloud. Make sure that you back that data up elsewhere – at least two times. Or, make sure that your cloud company signs your privacy documents. Either way, you'll want to have a cloud backup in addition to another form of backup.

Is the cloud safe? That question can't be answered as broadly as it is asked. It all depends on the cloud hosting provider that you are choosing to work with. If you want to know whether or not a specific provider is safe, we can help you find out. Or, you can take a look at our many cloud hosting security posts on this site.

Cloudy Questions

When it comes to the cloud, things are still somewhat confusing. The cloud is relatively new, in the scheme of things, after all. So, do keep this in mind when it comes to finding a cloud provider. If you aren't sure about one provider, make sure to ask us.

Got a file that you're not sure about sending to the cloud? Let us know what your fears are first, and we can answer your questions here. When it comes to the cloud, you never can be too safe!

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