Google's New Hummingbird

google hummingbird

It seems like Google is constantly updating its algorithms, doesn't it? That's because Google is constantly working to make the Internet the best that it can be. But, this type of innovation can cause some panic amidst business owners that are just trying to get websites recognized.

Google's newest update: Hummingbird means that cheap hosting companies hoping to get a good Google ranking need to adjust SEO tactics. Here's what you need to know about Hummingbird.

Google's New Hummingbird: A Whole New Focus

It used to be that plugging a few keywords into Google would help you get a decent place in search results. Now, Google is focusing on entire sentences and phrases. Hummingbird seeks to pick up sentences that people are asking, and provide askers with answers to those questions.

Here's an example of what Google is now searching for: if someone wants to know, what shouldn't be stored on a cloud hosting site, that person might end up on your site because you targeted the keyword “cloud hosting.” But, Google wants you to provide more than just a keyword. Google demands that your content provide a complete answer too.

In other words: it's not just about the keywords anymore, it's about really good an informative content. Keywords are now just half of the battle.

How to Set Up Your Cheap Hosting Site

Google is also placing an emphasis on social media – in particularly on Google Plus. If you prove that you have some know-how when it comes to answer queries on Google Plus, you can expect Google to equate your knowledge with good page rankings. So, make sure that you link your Plus profile to whatever site you are currently running.

Basically, Google is making it really tough to fake it. You have to provide the search engine with the keywords, the awesome content, and everything that goes with it, and that includes marketing through social media. Google will be getting rid of pages that don't offer great advice, answers, and material. Photos, infographics – sure, those are great, but Google wants you to show your chops.

When to Begin

Google's new Hummingbird is already in action. To test it out, just ask Google a complete question, and you will get the results almost instantly. Keep in mind that Google's new algorithm is all about truth and honesty – Google wants the sites it promotes to build user trust. Scam-laden sites are going to be pushed by the wayside.

If you can't write content, hire someone to do it for you. If you think that you can just stuff an article with keywords and move on, you're mistaken. Need help with Hummingbird? We are experts, so just let us know what you're struggling with – we also provide the answers that you want to know, just ask Google!

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