Google Glass and Cloud Computing

Google Glass is a hot topic right now. Pictures of Google's glass regularly pop up around the web, and people are curious as to what these devices are all about. But, what do Google Glass and cheap web hosting or cloud computing have in common? As it turns out, a lot.

Google Might Need More Hosting

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Robert Scoble, representative for Rackspace cloud hosting, has been talking about Google Glass a lot. So much that a recent article Scoble posted on Google Plus has been circulating and spreading like wildfire. In this letter, Scoble states that “Google Glass is going to need a new kind of cloud computing and Google won't be able to satisfy all the demand.” What does he mean by this?

Simply, “…humans will generate much more data than they do today. Either because of sensor tracking to do things like play location-based games, or do health tracking, or more. Think about Waze, a traffic app, on Google Glass. The new developers will need new cloud computing.” Will they? It certainly seems like Scoble is right. So, what's the solution to the problem? Scoble points to Rackspace.

The Future of Google Glass and Cloud Computing

Will app developers need unique cloud computing options in the future? If Google Glass takes off (you have to remember, of course, that to buy a pair of Google's new glasses you have to shell out over $1000, so this might not happen soon), cloud computing might take a new turn.

Optimistic (overly?) Scoble goes on to state that “…the future is contextual systems and Rackspace, if it executes well, should be a leader in providing infrastructure to these systems.” Rackspace, no doubt, wants a front and center piece of the Google Glass pie. So far, the company is achieving this goal, as reps from the two companies have been seen meeting and negotiating. Interesting, indeed.

What Rackspace Is All About

We've covered Rackspace on this site before, but just in case you missed it, you can check out more information about this cheap hosting cloud option. I also want you to sound off below, if you have a moment. Let me know what you think of Rackspace, and what you think of Google Glass. Do you think that Rackspace and Google have a future together? One that can be seen through glass, perhaps?

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