The New Cost of Web Hosting

New Cost of Web Hosting

In the Beginning of 20th century no one could think that people can get information from all over the world in few seconds, development of technology in decades completely changed the people life. The first service of viewing the web was World Wide Web which had renamed later to Nexus.

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“The World Wide Web (WWW) project aims to allow all links to be made to any information anywhere. … The WWW project was started to allow high energy physicists to share data, news, and documentation. We are very interested in spreading the web to other areas, and having gateway servers for other data. Collaborators welcome!” —from Tim Berners-Lee's first message.

The invention of World Wide Web by Tim Berbers- Lee opened the world of Information. Many new developments and fast successful changes build up the IT after 1990, later other browsers like Midas, Erwise, Viola graphical browsers were developed and within few years thousands of web servers were online and millions of computers connected to internet to help in education, scientific researches, corporate Sectors, but it was not enough.

Information explosions were still waiting, appearing bookstore, hotmail web based email were engaging users with the internet, Google search engine changing the scenario of world of knowledge, commercial competition had started and browser war took place in between two major players Microsoft and Netscape. Netscape announced that its browser will be free for users.

Starting of 21st century the dot-com market rose up then collapsed, many companies survive and search additional source of revenue, and they became highly profitable and opened the gate for online retailing business, Online Entertainment, News Outlets, Content distribution, advertisement revenue and many more. Many web sites like Yahoo!, eBay were hit by a large-scale denial of service attack which exposed break-ability of the Internet, later it developed huge market of Internet security.

Millions of domains are registered and billions of websites are hosted every year, Tens of thousands of companies in the world of Web Hosting exist across the globe that provide all sorts of features over a wide range of prices, how does one choose the right web hosting company for their need ? Now it’s become common for web hosting provider companies to give affordable services in cheap price with list of features and also covered security issues, many service providers are offering Web Shop e-commerce web hosting, e-mail hosting, e-marketing with reliable domain name registration and web hosting services and adding new features of Communication Platform, Advertisements for their customers. They have various plans and schemes for the customer pick over the selection included individual users, families, small home office, Small Business Companies and large corporations.

Users have choices for web hosting, if user have no Idea and not familiar with webs hosting, companies are providing charts for helping to select plan and features in budget.

New Cost of Web Hosting, Some Important points to look for when choosing Web Hosting Company :

  1. Price : If your pocket is ready to pay then options are endless. If you focus to find reliable and affordable which the most of people look then jumping on the cheapest is not good idea but Comparison of prices will helpful, first check details of features and then compare prices.
  2. Scheme / Discount Coupon : Check out Scheme and Plans and discount offers which can give you more in less money.
  3. Repute : Most of the Web Hosting companies offers many but give little, Check out old customers review in comments , forums, social network sites, some of reviews are very clear about company Quality, strengths and weakness. You can also search in Google. Also look service after sales and customer support details like Emails, Phone Numbers, skype ID.
  4. C- Panel : C-Panel is Control Panel from it user can add, modify, update themselves their own website easily even if you have not techie. No need to call your hosting company for small changes.
  5. Email : Hosting companies offers free and paid email accounts with domains and web space, which gives unique and private email ID’s with your own name and your domain name, Check out your provider’s have spam solutions.
  6. Technical Setup : Websites which have rich contents and Audio / Video file with download facility need Branded Machines with Latest hardware features and good RAM and Processor speed. Cheap hosting plan possibly won’t have all these, Server Operating System are Linux and Windows commonly used and linux is cheaper. If the hosting company is silent about server’s specifications, just ask them because machine hardware plays important role in performance of your site.

Iran’s Uphill Battle To Improve Quality Of Web Hosting Services

Iran Struggles to Improve Quality Of Web Hosting Services

Iran Flag HostingIn order to breathe new life into the not-so-great cheap web hosting market in Iran, ISPs there will begin offering a higher quality web hosting experience. Iran's ‘Ministry of Science and Technology’ released statistics in July that showed the number of cheap hosting websites hosted in Iranian data-centers has risen substantially.

Local IT companies, according to analysts, stand to gain much from the increased demand for quality web hosting. Right now, the issue is that providing websites with great bandwidth is next to impossible. Why? It’s all about the money. Bandwidth in Iran can be costly – much more costly than in European and North American countries. This is a big issue.

Iran: The Problem

In December of 2011, the Dubai-based ‘Noor Islamic Bank’ cut ties with Iran (a move prompted by the US Treasury Department). In turn, the Rial (Iranian currency) began a steady decline. Cheap hosting providers that were once spread out across Iran are suffering the consequences. There is a silver lining here, though, thanks to recent Internet privacy paranoia in the United States, local Iranian companies are seeking local Internet providers.

This all adds up to web hosting companies offer decent services to local clients at cheap prices – not a bad way to help Iran’s economy turnaround. Hosting locally also makes a good deal of sense for local companies (as we’ve mentioned on this blog numerous times, local hosting is the best option if possible). But, bandwidth has to be more affordable, or those hosting companies won’t be able to keep costs down.

Iran: The Solution

Much to the chagrin of hosting companies in the United States, the solution to Iran’s problem might be cashing in on the current US Government Internet spying issue. If Iran-based cheap hosting companies can attract clients that are located outside of Iran, the costs could go down. As it turns out, neighboring countries do not offer many hosting options, and this leaves the door wide open for Iran-based hosting options. Were the Iranian government to get behind this initiative by offering support, Iran-based hosting companies would have a better chance – something that might currently be happening in the way of loans.

Iran: Possible Change

Over the past few months, the Iranian government has offered those small- to medium-sized businesses operating within the country low-interest loans. Were some of these funds passed on to cheap hosting companies, things could change. As for companies based in the U.S., a recent sanction lift has included the now allowed sale and exportation of software, mobile phones, and certain hardware – as long as U.S. citizens do not deal directly with the Iranian government.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that hosting companies in other countries are gaining ground due to the recent U.S. Government-spying problem. As predicted, hosting companies that are based in countries like Iran now have more of a chance when it comes to gaining local, European, and neighboring country business.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Should the Iranian Government step in to help out cheap hosting companies based in the country?

5 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

5 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

Blogger 5 Ways to Get More Blog TrafficBlogs are an essential part of any business – just ask a blogger! But, as that blogger, I can tell you that there are some absolutely right ways to create a blog…and some very, very, bad ways. I recommend being on the good side of that equation! A blog can work wonders if you do it right!If you want to increase site traffic and keep your readers coming back, take a look at these 5 tips.

  1. Exclusive content : reward your readers with something that nobody else can get simply by creating exclusive content for blog subscribers. Ask people to provide you with an email address that you can use to send out a monthly or weekly newsletter. Inside of that newsletter, include really amazing stuff that readers will want to know – stuff that can't be found elsewhere. You can also add white paper information, discounts, and other deals to newsletter content.
  2. Use a pop-up email catcher : you'd think that pop-ups might annoy readers, right? Well, that's not what the stats point to. In fact, it's been proven that a simple email pop-up can not only capture email information, but that readers will willingly subscribe to newsletters via pop-up. Just don't add more than one pop-up, or you will annoy readers!
  3. Prove it : show readers how many people visit your blog with a simple graph or chart. Post that chart directly on your blog, and let everyone see just how great your site is. When new visitors see that tons of people read your blog regularly, they will be far more likely to jump on the bandwagon.
  4. Don't settle for ‘good enough‘ : got a ‘good enough' writing team? Working with a content mill? Don't do it. These companies spin articles, and that means that your Google ranking will drop. It's that simple. Hire a real writer.
  5. Get good copy : for some reason, people like to be told what to do. So, instead of creating a button that reads: ‘download this information if you want some help,' change it up to ‘download now!' Sure, it sounds cheesy, but it's simply a matter of statistics…and those stats show that people like to be told what to do.

5 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic: Other Blogging Tips

Blogs are simple enough if you take the time to create a good one. Don't add too many things to a blog, capture readers, give readers something exclusive with a newsletter signup, and let people know just how popular your blog is. If these things seem ridiculously simple, that's because they are. You just have to know how to play the blog game.

How to increase blog readers? Follow these tips – or, ask us for more information. Our site is home to more than 2,000 readers per day just like you! In short, we know what we're doing when it comes to cheap web hosting reviews and blog content. Let us share our tips with you! Got questions? Just ask! We are here to help.

Protect Yourself From NSA Tracking: 6 Simple Steps

When the details of the NSA surveillance program called PRISM came out, people worldwide were outraged (well, all but the conspiracy theorists who were proven correct, shouting “I told you so” to prior disbelievers.) Now, people wonder, “How can I protect my data and myself online?”

NSA TrackingOne way: decrease reliance on the cloud. But is that even possible? According to an IHS iSuppli report conducted in 2012, it is predicted that by 2017, a staggering 1.3 billion users will subscribe to cloud services of some kind. Whether bank information, files, videos, or photos, it all requires the cloud. But after PRISM details were leaked, users are thinking twice.

 NSA Tracking: How Can You Protect Your Data?

Because the majority of tracking is done on the server side of things, there isn't much an Internet user can do unless they give up the cloud altogether. However, there are steps you can take to avoid the likelihood you are a tracking target.

Here are six ways you can decrease your reliance on the cloud:

1.  NSA Tracking: Ditch Dropbox

Although cloud-based storage is convenient, especially for collaborations, services like Google Drive and Dropbox are easily trackable. Rather than sending everything to these services, save them to your hard drive or an physical external drive. This will remove the risk of someone else being able to access your data completely.

To tighten up the security of your hard drive, you should think about disk encryption. A password protects your data, even if someone steals your hard drive, and only someone with the password can access your files. If you are a Mac OS X user, rely on FileVault to encrypt your disk, while Windows users (Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 Enterprise, and Windows 8 Pro) can trust BitLocker that comes pre-installed to keep their files under lock and key. Don't have any of these operating systems? You can download TrueCrypt, DiskCryptor, and other third-party programs for free.

2.  NSA Tracking: Goodbye, Webmail

Rely on Gmail or Hotmail? Don't. Switch to your installed email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple Mail. Your cloud-based web email client will be exposed to tracking, while these locally installed options will be safe and sound.

Encryption is another method of protection when sending mail to other servers. The easiest way: GNU Privacy Guard. Windows and Linux users can download Claws Mail, while OS X users can download the GPGMail plugin.

3.  NSA Tracking: No More Online Banking

According to a 2012 Pew Internet report, 61% of Internet users conduct their banking online. Yes, this is a big timesaver, but more of your sensitive data is being put into the cloud, therefore being more susceptible to tracking. To lower your risk, go back to old-school paper banking.

4.  NSA Tracking: Desktop Photo App

Yes, Flickr is great. We all love that Grandpa Charlie, 2,000 miles away in CA, can view your recent vacation photos, and that all of your photos are in one place, easy to access in the event your computer crashes. However, to reduce tracking likelihood, email those pictures to Grandpa Charlie (encrypted, of course), and store your pics on an external drive.

5.  NSA Tracking: Back To MS Word

Just like with Google Drive and Dropbox, Google Docs is a great way to collaborate with others on a big project. However, to keep your data from being a tracking target, rely on MS Word or another word processing program stored on your hard drive instead.

6.  NSA Tracking: Encrypted USB Drive

This article has mentioned an external drive a few times. It's a great way to have your own little personal cloud at home, offering loads of space for your photos and documents while keeping your hard drive free of clutter. However, it's not easy to travel with an external drive. A USB thumb drive is a great option for documents on the go, but assure it is an encrypted. This keeps your data safe in the event you've lost it.

Would it be tough for you to consider going as cloud-less as possible? Do any of these suggestions strike you as impossible? Tell us how you feel by commenting!

Cheap Web Hosting Can Grow Your Handyman Business

Handyman Business

You are starting up a handyman business, and although you've had a few jobs here and there, all word-of-mouth referrals, you want more exposure. What better way than a website?  Cheap web Hosting Handyman Business

Let's take a look at the reasons you should be considering cheap web hosting, and the important decisions you need to make during the process.

Handyman Business: Why A Website?


Let's face it: no one is opening up the Yellow Pages to look for a handyman these days, and a newspaper ad will only get you so much business. Even the physical newspaper is becoming less and less relevant. People are switching over to all digital, whether searching for a handyman or looking at the advertisements in the newspaper. It can all be done online!


Are you nervous, thinking that the task of building a website is too much for you to handle? You have nothing to worry about! Creating a website is simpler than you think if you go about it right, and your website can be live to customers in a matter of hours, bringing in customers you weren't able to reach out to before! People tend to turn to the Internet first when searching for a tradesman.


With your website bringing in new leads 24 hours a day, it saves you money! How? You don't have to hire a sales team. Your website is your sales team!


It is proven that people will typically not consider a business if they do not have a website. These days, having a website complete with a few customer testimonials builds a level of trust you just can't get anywhere else. It makes you look professional and established. With this trust comes more money!

But I Have No Experience Building A Website!

That's ok! You don't have to know one bit about code. In fact, you don't have to do it at all. For a little extra money, you can hire someone else to build it for you! If you are thinking of getting someone else to do the dirty work, know that you get what you pay for. Just because you are trying to save money doesn't mean you should choose the cheapest option on the block. Rather, choosing a company that might cost a bit more than you are willing to spend could bring you in more business, meaning more money, resulting in the website paying for itself.

If you want to tackle it on your own, here are the steps you should take:

1. Choose a domain. This is the first, and often most important, step. While the content is important, your domain name should be sticking in people's heads. When they think “handyman,” your website should be the first thing they think of. Using your business name is a good place to start, but if this isn't an option, include a good keyword. Ultimately, you should really consider making your business name the domain. Customers trust this more, and makes you look very professional. Once you've chosen your domain name, register it. If possible, choose a cheap hosting company that offers a free or cheap domain. For example, Bluehost offers free domain with the purchase of a hosting package.

2. Choose your hosting provider. You want to stay away from the free options as they are often too limited. You want to find a reliable yet affordable company with amazing tech support. This is important! Will customers want to hire a handyman whose site is always broken? Probably not.

3. Install WordPress. WordPress, a blogging CMS, is hugely popular and for good reason. It's more than just a blog: you can use it to build your entire site! You'll have access to many themes to customize your site, and plugins to do just about anything you can imagine, like including a form for customers to request a quote for your services. Most of your good cheap web hosting companies, like Bluehost or Hostgator, will offer one-click installation of WordPress. Once you follow a few very simple steps, your website is ready to go!

4. Consider blogging. A great way to draw customers to your site is through blogging. If you offer even a blog post each week dealing with some news or interesting information for your customers, you will see your site showing up in a Google search more often. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a simple article related to the industry. Use keywords to make your site rank even higher!

Thinking of creating a website for your handyman business? Is there more you'd like to know? Ask us! We can address it in a future article.