The New Cost of Web Hosting

New Cost of Web Hosting In the Beginning of 20th century no one could think that people can get information from all over the world in few seconds, development of technology in decades completely changed the people life. The first service of viewing the web was World Wide Web which had renamed later to Nexus.… Read More

Iran’s Uphill Battle To Improve Quality Of Web Hosting Services

Iran Struggles to Improve Quality Of Web Hosting Services In order to breathe new life into the not-so-great cheap web hosting market in Iran, ISPs there will begin offering a higher quality web hosting experience. Iran’s ‘Ministry of Science and Technology’ released statistics in July that showed the number of cheap hosting websites hosted in… Read More

5 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

5 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic Blogs are an essential part of any business – just ask a blogger! But, as that blogger, I can tell you that there are some absolutely right ways to create a blog…and some very, very, bad ways. I recommend being on the good side of that equation! A… Read More

Protect Yourself From NSA Tracking: 6 Simple Steps

When the details of the NSA surveillance program called PRISM came out, people worldwide were outraged (well, all but the conspiracy theorists who were proven correct, shouting “I told you so” to prior disbelievers.) Now, people wonder, “How can I protect my data and myself online?” One way: decrease reliance on the cloud. But is… Read More

Cheap Web Hosting Can Grow Your Handyman Business

Handyman Business You are starting up a handyman business, and although you’ve had a few jobs here and there, all word-of-mouth referrals, you want more exposure. What better way than a website?  Let’s take a look at the reasons you should be considering cheap web hosting, and the important decisions you need to make during… Read More

Top 5 Reliable Web Hosting Companies

Reliable Web Hosting Providers In your quest to find the perfect and Reliable Web Hosting solution for your business, all hosting companies start to blend together. How can you sort out which company is best? Not just in terms of price. Yes, you are looking for cheap web hosting. But at the same time, you want… Read More

Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Cheap web hosting providers Cheap web hosting providing companies offer cheap hosting services to customers. Among the leading companies when it comes to offering cheap web hosting services include: Arvixe web hosting, WebhostingPad, Go Daddy web hosting, Site 5 hosting, Just Host, In Motion hosting, i Page hosting, Host Monster, Blue Host and Host Gator… Read More

The Rackspace Startup Incubator Program helps Startups

Rackspace Startup Incubator Program Even though Rackspace is huge today, this company was a startup not too long ago. Now, Rackspace is giving back to the startup community with a new incubator project just for new businesses. Rackspace has partnered with well-known startup incubators and accelerators including Y Combinator, General Assembly, and Tech Stars. Through… Read More

Heavens Gate Site Still Exists

Heavens Gate Site Wired, the technology blog, recently posted a really interesting article. One that baffles my mind. The article titled ‘Internet Archaeology: Behold the Most Hilarious Abandoned Websites’ lists a bunch of old websites that are more or less abandoned. The sites do exist, I checked, but there are some things that I can’t… Read More

Senate Puts a Stop to Cramming Practice

Cramming Practice Imagine this: you receive your monthly telephone bill, and there are some minimal charges for a cheap web hosting service. Only, you don’t use cheap web hosting of any kind, and you don’t have a website. You also happen to be a senior citizen. The practice is called ‘cramming,’ and its been a… Read More

What Google Glass and Cloud Computing Have In Common

Google Glass and Cloud Computing Google Glass is a hot topic right now. Pictures of Google’s glass regularly pop up around the web, and people are curious as to what these devices are all about. But, what do Google Glass and cheap web hosting or cloud computing have in common? As it turns out, a… Read More

The Copyright Whip Is About to be Cracked!

The Copyright Whip Is About to be Cracked! Have you just set up a cheap web hosting website using a cheaper web host? Want to run a ton of movie clips and music from that site? Hoping that the world sees just how cool you are based on your musical or movie taste? Not so… Read More

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies  Just as with a business, there are some highly creative names in the world of web hosting companies. Some are clever, while others make you scratch your head, wondering who in their right mind came up with such a name. The following is a compilation of the best of the… Read More

How To Host Your Web Pages Using Google Drive

Google Drive In November of 2012, Google announced a new Google Drive feature. Essentially, this feature allows you to become your own web host. Sadly, Google’s “easy to follow” instructions were less than simple. Thankfully, these steps make the process a whole lot easier. Here’s how to host your web pages using Google Drive. 1.… Read More

Cheap Linux Hosting

Some of the best cheap web hosting providers in the hosting industry include Go Daddy web hosting company, which offers clients the option of choosing between Windows based hosting and linux web hosting services. Some other cheap web hosting companies are: the Just Host web hosting company, BlueHost, Web hosting pad and Inmotion web hosting… Read More

Cheap Website Hosting Providers

Cheap Website Hosting 2017 Why choose Cheap Website Hosting providers listed for individual or business website? Adequate infrastructure available to manage traffic hikes and sustain increasing online visits. 100% uptime: 24.7.365 business availability. The companies understand that breakdown translates to lose revenue and diminished reputation. Hosting provider manages every of hosting function. It leaves growing business… Read More

Cheap Control Panel Hosting Provider

Cheap control panel hosting provider at your doorstep Now a day, you can get in touch with a cheap control panel hosting provider to manage various kinds of hosting services from one center. A company might own various web hosting services for different reasons. The users would require access of all the data and information… Read More

Best Hosting Provider

It’s tough to find a good web hosting provider, right? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best providers here. Take a look at our reviews below. 1. Inmotion: Inmotion hosting provider offers quality, customer support, reliability, flexibility, scalability and affordability. Features include business hosting, VPS Hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, and managed hosting.… Read More

Latest News and Hosting Review Webhostinghub

Hosting Review Webhostinghub Name Price Uptime Price Visit Now $3.99 /mo 100% $3.99 /mo Visit Site Hosting Review Webhostinghub – Company Introduction Key Selling Points An excellent web host Establishment: 2001 What for Customers? Scalable, reliable and affordable hosting solution Uptime: 99.9% Support: 24.7.365 via phone, email and Live Chat Money-back Guarantee: 90-days This… Read More