Before You Go Cloud: 5 Important Legal Points

Before You Go Cloud: 5 Important Legal Points You know you want to make the switch from traditional hosting to cloud hosting for your business. It’s a big switch, but often, the right choice. Just as you did when you started your business, you need to be careful: the security of your data, and sometimes… Read More

The Cloud And OpenStack: Interoperability Issues?

The Cloud And OpenStack: Interoperability Issues In 2008, Reuven Cohen started one of the first Google groups created for those who wished to discuss the cloud, named “The Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum.” People posted discussions on topics like problems with standardization and interoperability, but eventually, conversation fizzled and faded away altogether.  Recently, in a Forbes… Read More

Want That Madison Ave. Office Space? Move To The Cloud!

Move To The Cloud Commercial leasing is expensive. Especially if you happen to live in a large city. But, you can have your cake and eat it too thanks to the cloud. You can also have your shared hosting, Linux hosting, and any other kind of hosting by moving to the cloud. But, what does… Read More

Cloud Computing Is Growing: Forbes Reports

Cloud Computing Is Growing Forbes recently published an article that states that more than half of U.S. businesses use cloud computing. When you consider that there are around 6 million businesses within the United States, that “half” number takes on a whole new meaning. We’re talking about 3 million (or more) companies using cheap hosting… Read More

What Google Glass and Cloud Computing Have In Common

Google Glass and Cloud Computing Google Glass is a hot topic right now. Pictures of Google’s glass regularly pop up around the web, and people are curious as to what these devices are all about. But, what do Google Glass and cheap web hosting or cloud computing have in common? As it turns out, a… Read More

Cloud Storage and Healthcare: Growing Numbers

Cloud Storage and Healthcare Most people aren’t anxious to send very personal information to a very public cloud. But, statistics show that most healthcare organizations will use some kind of cloud storage in the very near future. To put some numbers with that statement, health care cloud computing is expected to grow to a $5.4… Read More

Cloud Computing And Hosting: You Don’t Need A Raincoat

Cloud Computing And Hosting You’ve probably heard the term “the cloud” a lot, and for good reason. In today’s world, a person might own a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, and smart phone, as well as use a computer belonging to the business they work for. Would you rather carry around a USB drive holding important… Read More

Latest News and Hosting Review eUKHost

Hosting Review eUKHost Name Price Uptime Visit Now £3.33 /mo 99.9% Visit Now Company Introduction – Hosting Review eUKHost Key Selling Points Tthe largest fully managed web hosting company of UK Data Center: Leeds and state of art data centers located in Maidenhead, Reading and Milton Keynes Hosting Review eUKHost – Customers No. of… Read More

Latest News and Hosting Review Justcloud

Hosting Review Justcloud Name Price Uptime $35.94 /mo 99.9% Hosting Review Justcloud – Company introduction Establishment: 2011 Hosting Review Justcloud – Services Offered cloud computing Mobile app for iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Window 8 tablets Clients can view images and play music in the mobile app Other features such as an ability to develop… Read More