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The word ‘startup' is popular these days. Startups of all types are also finding great success in building a company, and (most importantly) gaining funding. Is this because there are smarter people in the world? Or, do people just have better ideas now? Not necessarily. A lot of it has to do with dedicated server companies like Liquid Web.

liquid webNot only does Liquid Web provide cloud and dedicated server services, but this company has also taken a vested interest in startups. Liquid Web now has an incubator program that helps seed and grow innovative companies.

Liquid Web's Incubator Program

Based in Lansing, Michigan, Liquid Web is one of the few companies that takes pride in its location. The Liquid Web incubator program provides education, support, help, and knowledge to startups looking for mentors. The company also provides free shared hosting (up to $25,000)services to incubator participants.

As mentioned, Liquid Web likes to support its home community of Lansing, but the company will also consider all startup applications. If you happen to be working on a startup currently, need free shared hosting, or just want to team up with a company that's providing startup support, you should send an application into Liquid Web. The company lists application information on the site's homepage.

Other Companies Working Towards Good

We've covered plenty of cheap hosting sites on this blog that work towards social change of some kind. Even though most people do not consider startups as working towards change, the entrepreneurs that build startups really do make a difference. Just think of all the great new local business that a startup can create.

It's tough to break into the startup world. Gaining funding is even harder to do. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter certainly help, but these sites don't provide the experience and knowledge that a mentor can provide. That's where incubator programs like the one that Liquid Web has started come into play. If you live in the Lansing area (or not!), will you apply to become part of Liquid Web's incubator program?

Let me know below and ask away as far as startup tips are concerned, this journalist has a lot of information for you!

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