Why You Want Google Authorship

Google Authorship At heart, Google tries its best to find really great content on the Internet for you to read. This isn’t always so easy, though. Thanks to marketers and SEO hacks, really bad content can be designed to look like excellent content. The more Google tries to make sure content is authentic, the more… Read More

Latest News And Engine Review Google App

Google has revolutionized digital technology with Google App Engine, which is part of the Google Cloud platform. App Engine allows developers to create scalable and robust web applications, game applications, and mobile applications with little to no cost. Benefits of Using Google App Engine Google App Engine is a ‘Platform as a Service (PaaS).’ This… Read More

Google’s New Cloud Hosting Option

New Cloud Hosting Option Watch out, Amazon – Google has arrived. Google has a new cloud hosting service (kind of) that takes direct aim at what Amazon and Microsoft have already put together. Here are the new Google Cloud details. Inside Google Cloud Platform Google actually rolled out the company’s cloud services via Google Compute… Read More

Google Goes Offshore: Should You?

Google Goes Offshore Something mysterious happened this weekend. Barges with giant buildings were seen off the coast of Maine and California. Local reporters have been hard at work trying to figure out what’s on those barges, and the answer may surprise you. Speculation is that Google is building massive offshore data centers off the coasts… Read More

Google Hangouts for Hosting Companies

Google Hangouts for Hosting Companies What’s the deal with Google lately? When Google Plus first came out, the social site was a ghost town. Now, Google Plus is easily more popular and preferable than Facebook or Twitter (so it seems). In addition to Google Plus, Google’s new Hangouts (okay, not completely new, but new enough!)… Read More