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adobe accounts hackedThis is the kind of story that we don't like to report. Why? Because it proves all of our posts to be absolutely true. Isn't that a good thing? For us, yes. For you, no. Here's the scoop.

Adobe reported last night that millions of user accounts have been hacked. Was personal information obtained? Yes. Were source codes for Adobe products stolen? Yes. Is this a massive problem for Adobe? You bet. Should you be concerned if you have an Adobe account? You should.

Millions of Adobe Accounts Hacked: The Security Flaw

What happened? The exact details of the security breach are unknown at this time. Adobe is also giving off mixed signals. Company spokespeople have told press that users need not be concerned, but the company has also confirmed that user account passwords (encrypted) and credit card information has been stolen.

So, what should you do if you are an Adobe user? The company has told press to relate the following details to current Adobe customers:

  • Adobe will send impacted clients an email
  • Follow the directions listed in this email
  • Reset your password – choose one that's hard to crack

Other than those steps, there's not much that can be done at the moment. Adobe has, of course, apologized to users, but that's the only thing the company can do right now. Of course, Adobe is also working on fixing its security system with law enforcement agents.

Millions of Adobe Accounts Hacked: Even Big Companies Aren't Safe

Adobe is a massive company with a lot of valuable information and product codes. Naturally, this means that Adobe will be targeted by hackers. Even though the company has set up every security measure (including password encryption) to avoid hacks, it still happened – and it will continue to happen.

Hackers like to play a game with companies like this one that goes something like this: hack into a company system, let the company fix that system, attempt to hack in once more. In some cases, it's just plain fun for hackers with know-how. In others, hackers are looking for personal information that can be sold to other parties. So, you see, hack happen to everyone – even giant companies like Adobe.

Millions of Adobe Accounts Hacked: What We Can Learn

Since Adobe is a massive company, measures are already in place to deal with hacks like this one. What can you learn here? Even if your company is small, making sure that you have a hacker backup plan is vital. Otherwise, you'll be scrambling to fix things when a hack happens. Adobe put is backup plan into action first thing last night, and the company is trying to reassure users today.

Should you stop using Adobe? Not at all. Will this happen again? Probably. The important thing here is to learn from this less, set up your own company with a secure backup plan, and get read for hacks to happen – it's just a fact of Internet life.

Are you a concerned Adobe customer? Was your account hacked? Let us know in the comments below.

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