Use Instagram To Boost Hosting Sales

InstagramInstagram is more than just a place for professional photographers to strut their stuff or teenagers to post endless selfies. It's also a great way to show a different side of your brand for marketing purposes!

Have you considered Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy? You should. When done right, it is an effective way to get users to check out your cheap hosting website. How can you put this popular photo sharing app to work for your business?

Use Instagram To Boost Hosting Sales: Before You Get Started

Start out by determining the image you want your company to portray online. When you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, you should peruse the pages of other brands to see what they are doing. Some great brands to check out: Free People; Starbucks; Persnickity Prints; Nordstrom; and Benefit Cosmetics.

Use Instagram To Boost Hosting Sales: Set Up Your User Account

You're going to want to integrate your social media sites (Instagram allows the sharing of your post on the big social media sites), so be sure you choose a username that is the same as your other accounts. Don't go confusing your followers!

Use Instagram To Boost Hosting Sales: Follow Back, And Pay Attention

When a user follows you on Instagram, go ahead and follow them back! This will populate your feed with pictures from fans, giving you insight into their likes and habits, helping you better choose the direction of future posts.

Use Instagram To Boost Hosting Sales: It's All About The Content

Instagram 1Now it's time to discuss posting. Again, you just want to make sure the images you're posting are connecting with customers, and that they represent the image you have in mind for your brand. You do NOT want to post images of the things you sell. If they wanted to see what you sold, they'd head to your cheap hosting website. Brands that succeed on Instagram post anything but what they sell.

What are some great things to post?

Behind The Scenes

Show workers in the warehouse hard at work fulfilling customer orders, or run a spotlight series showcasing a new employee with each post. People love to see the people behind the brand! For instance, Persnickity Prints often posts pictures from behind the scenes, often of new orders they are getting ready to ship out, or documenting company outings and parties.

Spotlight On Your Followers

You can advertise a campaign where customers submit pictures of themselves using your product, whether by email, Facebook, or Instagram hashtag that you specify, and you'll choose one each day to post on your Instagram. And you don't even need to do a spotlight series. Just choose a hashtag which will organize all user photos into one convenient location, and everyone feels special.

Sneak Peeks

Take a cue from Burberry, posting images from the catwalk and behind the scenes, giving fans a sneak peek of upcoming fashion lines. Again, while you don't want to push products you currently sell, sneak peeks are a great way to keep users tuned in. They'll love knowing that they are the first to see something that hasn't even been released yet, and will be even more excited to go out and purchase it the day it is released.

Do you use Instagram? How is it working for you?

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