Millions of Adobe Accounts Hacked

Adobe Accounts This is the kind of story that we don’t like to report. Why? Because it proves all of our posts to be absolutely true. Isn’t that a good thing? For us, yes. For you, no. Here’s the scoop. Adobe reported last night that millions of user accounts have been hacked. Was personal information… Read More

My Site Was Hacked. Now What Do I Do?

My Site Was Hacked Site hacks are almost par for the Internet course. Sites like Amazon and NBC have been hacked. So, you are definitely not alone. And, contrary to popular belief, cheap web hosting services have nothing to do with hacks. Take these certain steps to ensure that your site is not hacked again,… Read More

News: Yahoo Japan Hacked!

Yahoo Japan Hacked News from Japan today is putting the web world on alarm. Two of Japan’s biggest web portals have been hacked. More than 100,000 user accounts have been impacted. User information such as credit card details were obtained during the hacks. One of the web portals, Goo, told press that the company had… Read More